What's your Grandma name?

VGETSKINNY - 11:30AM UTC, Dec 29th 2008


I am Gramma GiVi (pronounced GeeVee, like Mimi, but GiVi). My Grandkids are both under two though, and they both live out of town, so we will see what they end up calling me!!

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JACKSONDEB - 10:19PM UTC, Apr 19th 2010

All 4 of my grand babies call me Mammy. I have two that live far off and two that live close and they all call me the same thing

BJHERE - 5:56PM UTC, Mar 28th 2010

Somewhere out there

NaNa like the dog in Peter Pan.

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KJOCKO - 5:15AM UTC, Jan 13th 2009

North America

:)I have two grandsons. They were born a month apart and will both be two in January and February. They call me Tota (pronounced Dooda ... "dood" rhymes with wood).

We are native american and that is the word kids call their grandparents(male and female) around here.

I'm also expecting another grandchild in May...hoping for a girl, but I loves my boys so I'll be happy either way.:heart1:

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GAMMYJ - 1:16PM UTC, Jan 10th 2009

Hi - I'm new - at this a week and a half - and a Grandmother to 6.
The oldest 2 (10, 7 - from my middle daughter) call me Gramma and I'm the only Grandma they have.
The next 3 (7, 5, 2 - from my son, the oldest) call me Grandma Judy. They have another grandma and my daughter in law though nicknames weren't necessary so it would be Grandma Pam and Grandma Judy. But Grandma Pam lives near them and is with them alot, so when the first child couldn't get out that mouthful, she became Maga...but I'm still Grandma Judy.
The youngest (just turned 2 - from my youngest daughter) calls me Gammy.
My mother is alive at 86 and she's "Grammy" to grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike. So there's a slight distinction between Gammy and Grammy for the youngest.
I'm doing this for them. I want to be around at 86 too. :hi:

FLANEUR - 4:59PM UTC, Jan 7th 2009

I am Nana. It started when some good friends had a baby()long before I had my own grandchldren ,and didn't want to nag about it to my son!) They said if I were Nana the chldren could say papa, mama and nana. It stuck and now my two grandsons as well as other "adopted" grandchildren call me that flaneur

CATHY247 - 7:19PM UTC, Jan 3rd 2009 View users public blog View users public diary


My grandson is 4 but has only been talking for a year. He has really made up for lost time, although he mispronounces many words, he understands everything. He called me de-maw to begin with but has since evolved into gray-ma(don't like that one), g- ma(thats ok), and he occasionally gets it right and says Grandma. His Dad's Mom thought she had the best name being called Nana but he wouldn't call her that because that was his name for his favorite fruit, banana. So he called her Nina. He is really a fun little guy that we love so much.

SGM - 1:46AM UTC, Dec 31st 2008


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SGM - 1:45AM UTC, Dec 31st 2008


My three grandsons all under four years old call me grandma. Braden the youngest at 2 1/2 just started saying grandma. This past year or more he called me,"Manga". The other two repeatedly told him he was saying it wrong. A couple of weeks ago when they loaded up for the drive from Texas to TN. he said to his mother, " Are we going to grandma's house?" Now I kind of miss the other name! Oh Well! :P

Blessings for a contentment filled New Year!
Sandy (SGM)
HW 203.0
SW 176.5
CW 164.0
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Bloom where you are planted.