South Beach

SCALEHO - 6:36PM UTC, Aug 30th 2007

Sanford Falls, SD

When I lost a great deal of weight in '04-'05, I followed South Beach. My doctor approved adn I never felt better. I'm really interested in getting back to the "whole grains and lean protein" lifestyle.


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TINAMARIA27 - 1:40PM UTC, Apr 4th 2012

Is anyone still posting in this forum? I am having good success with South Beach and hoping to find some other support out there?

RFIORAVANTI - 4:48AM UTC, Dec 7th 2008

Upstate New York

Hey Guys, it looks like you've stopped posting, but hopefully you'll want to post again about the SBD. I love it and really want to talk about it with people who have more knowledge. I want to learn more about it and other people's strategies and I was going to start my own group or forum until I saw yours.

Any interest?

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CARDINED - 4:56PM UTC, May 29th 2008

Is anyone still actively posting on the Southbeach diet? I'm a born-again southbeach dieter. However, this time it's taking me a while to get rid of the sugar cravings. I even cheated a bit on the first two days because of the hardcore sugar withdrawals. I used to always eat low carb, then started eating them again for some strange reason. I feel for those trying to get off bad carbs by only eating the right ones!!


CLSMGY - 5:46PM UTC, Sep 6th 2007

I'm in phase 2. I'm still "educating" myself on the carbs, etc... But, at least now CK allows one to track just about everything including carbs. So, CK has helped a lot. I've been in CK on and off since 2005. I'm going to continue with CK as a tool to help me monitor how well I'm sticking to South Beach.


SCALEHO - 4:34PM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

Sanford Falls, SD

I belonged to the South Beach Diet site in its infancy. You're right -- you really do feel very, very good when some of the "sludge" is taken out of your diet! The reason that I wound up at CK 3 years ago was that even though I was eating healthily, I just wasn't getting enough calories. I weight 250+ and was only eating 1,200 calories a day just by adhering to the food plan and not counting calories. I joined CK, started counting calories and upped it to 1,800 and started losing again. I still kept to the food lists and phases though.

Are you in any particular phase? And can you tell me your name? I feel kind of funny saying, "Hi, CLSMGY!" Ha!


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CLSMGY - 3:59PM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

I've counted calories on and off since 1993. I had various degrees of success with that but used to couple with running or other things. Then I went to Germany and, after much analysis, I see it comes down to the tons of carbs I took in for several years. I've been on South Beach for two weeks and haven't felt this good in years. Of course, I'm not going near the scales for another week or two but I think this "diet" thing might actually work this time.