What is your favourite Canadian food?

BEARBABY - 9:10AM PDT, Oct 5th 2007

Mississauga, Ontario

Let's all tempt the folks across the border. I vote for tourtière. Yukon potatoes are also good.

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WORKAFOODAHOLIC - 11:52PM PST, Dec 27th 2007

one of my fave things that ive only seen in canada is a properly made donair.... lots of meat sweet sauce and hot peppers..... and i agree poutine sux

BEAGLE - 8:17PM PDT, Oct 8th 2007 View users public blog View users public diary


Well there's always Poutine, simultaneously the grossest and tastiest thing I've ever put in my mouth (and subsequently I haven't had any for almost a year)... anything maple is pretty good too!