Where is everyone from?

KIMMYB - 9:04AM PDT, Aug 28th 2007

Prince Edward Island

I'm from Montague, Prince Edward Island. I would love to get a group going with other fellow Canadians. :)

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MARGS - 7:48PM PDT, Sep 27th 2011

Glad to meet everyone. Another Edmontonian here. Wishing you all the best!!

KATANIX - 7:44PM PST, Dec 1st 2010 View users public diary


I'm Canadian living in the States, can I join? (Not really a question) lol
Is this group still active?
I am from a lil town north of Sudbury, ON, but have better memories in North Bay, ON :)
I have travelled quite a bit. Lived in Winnipeg for some years before moving overseas and now eventually here, Nebraska :bang:
I joined CK two years ago, but left for a year. Never saw this group :)
My husband is US military and I have always said, "when you go.. I'll move back to Canada" okay not really nice to say to your husband lol Been here 3 yrs and am homesick like you wouldn't believe..

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MARILYN56 - 9:00AM PST, Jan 20th 2010


Hi fellow Canadians! I think we should get this group going again. Lots of benefits- many of the products people talk about are not readily available here. Perhaps we could share food products that have helped us. Exercise too is sometimes difficult because of weather- it can be cold in Burlington and Mississauga. I have just recently moved to WEst Vancouver so I know very few people. Would love a walking buddy or someone to meet. Let's get together.

AMYFRANCIS - 2:59PM PDT, Jun 3rd 2008

Ontario, Canada


I'm from Burlington, Ontario (somewhere in the GTA)

They should add Canadian brand names (like President's choice) into the food database :P although there are probably too few of us.

KIMMYB - 3:41PM PDT, Apr 28th 2008

Prince Edward Island

Welcome to all the new Canadian members. :)
How is everyone doing?

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NICOLE2007 - 2:28PM PDT, Apr 26th 2008

Regina, Saskatchewan

Hi all! I'm from Winnipeg originally, have lived in Mississauga, and now live in Regina, SK! Not to many Canadians on here, eh?

TENACITY - 7:51PM PDT, Mar 30th 2008

Ontario Canada

;):wave1:Hello Fellow Canucks....Happy to see that there are a few of us here....I'm in Bancroft Ontario Canada....livin on the lake!!!:cool1:

WORKAFOODAHOLIC - 11:56PM PST, Dec 27th 2007

edmonton alberta here ...... canada the best country in the world

JEDEN - 6:51PM PDT, Sep 10th 2007

I currently live in Newmarket, just north of Toronto - but soon to move back to the city.


CHARMION - 8:31AM PDT, Sep 6th 2007

I'm from Ottawa -- but I'm not here to help you, so fergawshsakes relax.

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BEARBABY - 9:21AM PDT, Sep 1st 2007

Mississauga, Ontario

I'm from Mississauga, 6th largest city in Canada and Toronto's neighbour.
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GO2ANDERSON - 11:33AM PDT, Aug 29th 2007


I'm from Winnipeg... Now live in Saint Cloud, MN - but frequently come back to Winnipeg.

KIMMYB - 11:51AM PDT, Aug 28th 2007

Prince Edward Island

Nice to meet you Dani, Michelle and Mary. :)

A little about me. I'm 28 years old from Prince Edward Island. I'm happily married and have two beautiful children Allison and Alexander. Allison is 5, Alexander is 2. I work full time doing technical support which is stressful at times but I love it. :) I'm looking to lose 15 lbs!

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CLASSYBLUE - 10:58AM PDT, Aug 28th 2007 View users public diary

Vancouver BC Canada

I live in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver. I am also Michelle's mom.


MICHELMO - 10:50AM PDT, Aug 28th 2007

Vancouver, BC

I'm from Vancouver, BC. Nice to meet you, Kimmy!

:love: Michelle

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DANIGIRL - 10:50AM PDT, Aug 28th 2007

Beautiful British Columbia

Whistler British Columbia

)) -::- -::-
. ))
((. :love: Dani
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