Newbie here...

TWEETY68 - 5:30PM UTC, Aug 7th 2013

HI...Im Lisa from WISCONSIN, age 44. I have had breast cancer, rekindled a relationship, got married, became pre-diabetic , gained 50, diagnosed with sleep apnea, waiting on back surgery, returned to my CHristian roots and now starting a weight loss journey all in the last two years. I could use some encouragement and prayers and a "text-a-buddy" person.

TWEETY68 - 12:56AM UTC, Aug 9th 2013

Thanks for the welcome...this was a bad week to start dieting...we are on a 5 day vacay in Indiana and going to the state fair tomorrow....all those foods on a stick, ya know? But I have already planned what I will eat for the day so I think I will be okay. I didnt know I had sleep apnea, but my partner has told me I snore too loud to sleep next to I had the testing done...apparently I stop breathing about 10 times an wonder I am having to take two sleep meds to feel rested...LOL


STEPHDREED - 7:14PM UTC, Aug 7th 2013


Welcome Lisa :wave1:

DISCIPLINEDMAMA - 5:51PM UTC, Aug 7th 2013

Welcome Lisa:),

This is a very encouraging group, please feel welcome to join in daily:). It sounds like you have been busy, but are taking positive steps:).

I have sleep apnea too, which is much easier to deal with treatment than not:). It's refreshing to finally get rest at night with proper treatment:). Last night our power went off....which only happens every few years here, thankfully, but I woke up right away because my CPAP stopped.