Verse and prayers for Tuesday July 16

KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 10:37AM UTC, Jul 16th 2013


Good Tuesday Morning sisters
Not feeling too well this morn. I had meat last night...been trying to go veggie for awhile and I really don't eat much meat and I think it didn't agree with me. ...this too shall pass:sad3:

Back in the routine :) Routine is good.:thumbu2: Like the sun rising…the seasons coming…the waves…

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:
Ecclesiates 3:1
There is a time for me to work. I like the way work punctuates my day and makes me feel useful. I know the parents need me and so do the littleuns'...especially one of them that the mom probably is in over her head. thank You Lord for my job!:heart1:

I like that verse. It reassures me that God does have a plan…a good and perfect plan for us, no matter how messed up it can seem at times :)

Lord, thank you for your plan! Thank you for your goodness. Thank You that you take care of us and know whats best. We ask for your continued care of Annette with her family situation. Lord show her what season it is…a time to approach or withdraw… Lord we ask you to be with Erika and the daily pain she has…we ask you to be with Steph as well with her particular family situation. Thank You that you know what's best for her daughters.

Father thank you for this day...even though I'm not at my best...I know You WIll BE!


Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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ERIKAYAMAN - 3:32AM UTC, Jul 17th 2013

South Carolina

exactly what I needed to log on and read. ROUGH ROUGH DAY- met with my new lawyer.
It was emotional, I will just say that.
I just want it all to be over....I need to TRUST GOD, because HE HAS A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


DISCIPLINEDMAMA - 4:32PM UTC, Jul 16th 2013

I am not feeling so good either today.....stress, PMS, and muggy weather with a threat of thunder storms are not hitting my body well today.....headaches and nausea for me this this what menopause will feel like?

I am struggling with the reunion decision, the worst part is tht it stirs up the pain I try to push aside in my heart from my dad keeping my evil stepmom in his life, it just hurts...and makes me cry. What s the answer? I am not sure, it is one of those complexities of life where I wish God gave a simple answer for :), all I know is that God wants me to put my faith in him and to lean on him. I need to keep praying, persevering with patience.

:heart1:This is the day The Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Ps. 118: 24

It feels good to be back on track:), logging ASAP, not at the end of the day:).

Steph--love hearing about how things are going, sorry about Raymond, feel for you, not an easy situation.

Kris--I love what you said....God has a plan, no matter how messed up it may seem, perfect for me:)...I am such a mess:tongue10:

:wave1: have a wonderful day everyone:heart2:


STEPHDREED - 1:49PM UTC, Jul 16th 2013


Good Morning,

My youngest called me last night she wanted me to meet Bridget (would be cousin if her mother was married to her boyfriend) her friend that she has been hanging out with this week. They stopped by and stayed for about 2 hours we had a good time. I like her friend but her mother is strung out on pain killers I guess it is really serious. First thing she did was ask to borrow my daughter's allowance when she got there. The woman makes me sick. I could go on and on but I will leave it at that and ask for prayers for her and protection for my DD this week and for her new friend which is living in the house also. She just graduated and his trying to get a job so that she can move out on her own.

Worked out at my strength training class and I have been tanning trying to get my act together. Raymond didn't do any work this weekend and he hasn't called. Tonight will be mowing or getting out the saw to work on my tree mess in the yard.

Hope everyone has a blessed day feeling pretty blessed myself :love:

My daughter said several nice things about me to her friend made me feel good.

She also has been listening to me which is always nice. She stayed in the car when her Mom took her to pick up her pills and she said she hounded her like I do her until she paid her the 5 dollars back that she borrowed. I have for sure had God's grace during her stories otherwise I would have blown a gasket but I want to keep the communication between us open and I want to still be able to give guidance. She is very much like me and I know what I was doing at her age.

2 Thessalonians 3:6-9
The Message (MSG)
6-9 Our orders—backed up by the Master, Jesus—are to refuse to have anything to do with those among you who are lazy and refuse to work the way we taught you. Don’t permit them to freeload on the rest. We showed you how to pull your weight when we were with you, so get on with it. We didn’t sit around on our hands expecting others to take care of us. In fact, we worked our fingers to the bone, up half the night moonlighting so you wouldn’t be burdened with taking care of us. And it wasn’t because we didn’t have a right to your support; we did. We simply wanted to provide an example of diligence, hoping it would prove contagious.

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