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KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 5:19PM UTC, Aug 15th 2013


Remember my friend/colleague Rosalie who wants to get into govt daycare like me??? She has 3 weeks left then has to close her daycare.
Today we were walking and we met up with another govt daycare lady. We got to talking and she said she wanted to give hers up! I immediately suggested that she give her places to Rosalie and that she take Rosalie's place in the private daycare in town...

I think this is actually possible.The other govt daycare lady is going to call our boss and see if she can give her places to rosalie...and if the boss says yes then they will go and see Rosalie's new boss and see if they will hire the other lady instead.

It seems wonderful and far fetched at the same time. I really want this...does God? Rosalie is not christian. I,ve told her that I've been praying for her since we found out about her losing her job...I really want this to be a witness to her that God can create miracles...

please join me in prayer.

Father, you created this situation this morning. It's not for nothing that we happened to run into Marlene and that we had the conversation about Rosalie perhaps exchanging jobs with her...

Lord, I believe all things are possible with you. I believe you can use whatever means necessary to witness your greatness to Rosalie..I told her I would continue to pray. She is already calling this a miracle. You are more than able Father to show Rosalie that you really are the author of miracles...
Thank You Father******************

Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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ERIKAYAMAN - 1:23PM UTC, Aug 16th 2013

South Carolina

Amen. God is GOOD.

STEPHDREED - 5:30PM UTC, Aug 15th 2013


Prayer just sent up:love:

DISCIPLINEDMAMA - 5:26PM UTC, Aug 15th 2013