verse and prayers for Sunday Aug 18

KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 1:35PM UTC, Aug 18th 2013


**Good morning sisters...

no verse chosen for today...I will read back later and enjoy the ones you choose :)

Annette: good question...when does God want us to stay clear? All I can say is keep praying and if you do go...give your self the option to leave if it turns really sour...About the goals...I would say Satan is trying to undermine your good choices..
I think it is fine to make goals and then take steps to accomplish them...I keep going back to that side walk poem for a while ago. Goals have to be realistic and we have to take steps to accomplish them...including back up plans. (ex: my goal today is to eat what I bring and nothing I made a huge veggie plate and I know I can munch on that instead of anything else) The Lord is my strength and my shield! So with goals we have to make them and then advance behind our shields! Not always easy.

Erika: I love it! We should rename the thread! Maybe even create a whole new group. Sometimes I look at the 300+ plus members and think we should re-create...COFFEE CLUB PRAYER TIME...I LOVE IT!
I love your advice on true...I can do all things through HIm who strengthens me! yes ma'am! stupid, stupid flesh...always derouting us.
Love this too: Show us what is repent-able and what is repairable, and help us quiet our noisy hearts so we can hear you speak. We need your presence so much, much more than we need circumstances and people to change.

Steph: :hi: busy weekend?

Lord, thank you for this group. I really would like to rename and re-group. Father, you have given us something powerful here...children, connected to you, who pray for one another.Please bless and protect this little group Lord, direct our steps and take care of us. We want to follow you and seek your will in every situation. It's not easy, but it's not impossible either. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to help and guide...let us be attentive to that still small voice.

Off to church soon...have a great one sisters!:love::kiss: You three mean a lot to me:heart1:


Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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DISCIPLINEDMAMA - 4:56PM UTC, Aug 18th 2013

Kris, amen:love:, as you see, I already have my coffee cup ready:). Drinking it as I type:).

Thank you ladies about the goal advice....I did a Bible study about a year ago that mentioned goals and how can we say anything about timing and goals when we never know what may come left me even questioning the concept of goas, and I read an article once that stated something about how are brains work with goals and how once we set a goal in our brains I is like we have already accomplished them.....and I could so relate to both...I am pretty messed up in this area....but, with that said, I agree with what you ladies have said, I think you ht a bulls eye with it being Satan.....and I need to let God have victory in ths area. I think I am letting everything get in the way of what God wants me to do. Thank you for any prayer in this area:).
I have been afraid of being in the goas group because I fail daily with goals.

Kris.--I can so makes conversations hard because everything seems to be focused around alcohol with most of my inlaw's.

Erika and Steph--I hope that you are having a wonderful day:).

Today.....we are heading off to the gorge for a cruise with my dad and sister soon, we are missing church:(....Lord please strengthen us in you word this week.

God bless,