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ERIKAYAMAN - 12:45AM UTC, Aug 12th 2013

South Carolina

My bible study today was a Prayer about the Renewal of JOY...
we talk about that here on this thread a lot....
So I am going to share parts of the prayer:
Gracious Father, I begin my day thankful for the honssty and the candor of your word, for when you diagnose a problem, you always resource your children with more GRACE.
....When I hear the apostle Paul ask believers in Galatia:"What then has become of the blessing you felt?"(Gal 4:15) I'm not sure how I'd answer. Have I fallen back into legalism? Am I struggling with unbelief? Am I looking for JOY somewhere else? Have I hoarded hurts and wounds to keep them from you? Am i angry at you and don't want to admit it?
I am not sure how or where my heart began to leak joy, but I don't want to get used to this condition. SHOW ME, Lord.
Since your JOY is my STRENGTH, Father (Neh 8:10) cause my heart muscle to beat afresh with your JOY, the JOY that fills Heaven. Holy Spirit, since joy is one of the fruits you grow in the lives of the children of God, PLEASE WEED, PRUNE, and FERTILIZE my heart for a fresh crop!
Jesus since you are praying for the fullness of your joy to be in me (John 17:13) I will live with anticipation oand HOPE for your prayers NEVER FAIL!!!!.....
Fill me afresh with the inexpressible and glorious JOY of the salvation you have won for us (1 Peter 1:8-9)


I started the day with an awful headache and missed church...:cross1::cross1:
but I had a very productive afternoon evening...
making great progress on laundry room, went through kids stuff for a HUGE consignment sale I am joining.... feeling good about it.
Money is really tight, so I have decided to sell things we don't need or use... I have 81 items so far just today!!!!! WOOT! WOOT! If most stuff sells I could make over $500. That would help pay for soccer.
I have learned through my life struggles over the last years that GOD WILL PROVIDE a way, ALWAYS, EVERY TIME, NO MATTER WHAT.
money shows ups. We have tithed many months not knowing where money for other stuff would come from and some random check would come with money someone owed us, or a refund we didn't remember....
GOD IS AMAZING and uses ALL KINDS OF THINGS for our benefits and for HIS GLORY.

Thats whats on my mind tonight. I am just amazed how quickly I have found things to sell.
I am filled with JOY and PEACE as I rewrote the above prayer out for ya'll and though it through again. God is my provider, my protector, my bringer of JOY in ALL THINGS!

Girls, we can get through all the mess and problems of this world. We have GOD behind us, and GOD within us, and GOd in front of us in ALL THINGS. We are not of this world. We are made and bound for better, FOR HEAVEN!
I pray for each of you sisters in Christ and all that you are going through in this world filled with evil, with all of our individual problems.... I pray that we will be filled with the JOY and PEACE from God. That we will all realize that God is God, so we can KEEP CALM and CARRY ON!


DISCIPLINEDMAMA - 5:31AM UTC, Aug 12th 2013

Thanks for sharing, I guess my day was opposite....headache came after church, followed by falling asleep on the couch.....hubby ended up shopping for dinner items....unless you count me making scrumptious meatballs, Pasta, salad, and garlic bread as productive....but I haven't even touched the dishes yet.

I need to work at walking and/or adding step to my Ailey routine. We have our beach trip coming up in a couple of week which includes a long steep stair climb for our beach access. It would make the trip more fun if I worked at this before going:).


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