verse and prayers for Wednesday July 24

KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 10:31AM UTC, Jul 24th 2013


Good morning sisters,

overcast might rain...but that won't dull the joy inside!

Annette: Ephesians 6 is one of my fav passages! :love:Lord, thank You for the work you've started in Annette's children...we ask father for solid friendships for our children that they may develop relationships that always bring them closer to you.

Erika: living with pain is SUPER hard. I painted the garage with my dh last night...the first hour was fine...then when we got to the ceiling I surprised myself with my complaining. My neck was killing me. My husband who had put in a full day of physical work already didn't complain a bit...
Lord, we ask your blessing on Erika...Father she needs you step by step here. She wants to do your will, and remain in your will but she needs your help, as we all do. Thank You Father for keeping Erika close to you in this way. We ask for your grace that she may stand up under this pain in your name!

Father, please bless Steph with her much needed vacay time at the end of this week...give her the strength to do what she needs to do in the mean time. Thank You for placing her in this family...thank You that you will help her be a witness to Penny. Even if it's hard for your children, it's easy for you Lord to step in and whisper words of peace.

Lord, thank You for this overcast day. Thank You for your unique plan for each of us today. Thank you for your many blessings on us. Thank you for these easy couple of days you have given me with absences.

bless you ladies! I look forward to reading the verses you post today :love:

Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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DISCIPLINEDMAMA - 4:02PM UTC, Jul 24th 2013

Amen to Prayer for Erika, please direct her in steps to healing, amen.

Steph--nice, relaxation:thumbu2:

Kris--this summer I have been working at working in moderation on projects...hurting for days afterward just isn't working for me anymore....and then there is my hubby who works his tail off lie an energizer bunny, I wish I had the same stamina when it comes to physical work:).

Me--while the girls were at the movie yesterday my husband and i met with a psychologist for the first time to help us with our oldest daughter. She is scheduled to start testing tomorrow, I appreciate her efficiency, but she wasn't really in a hurry to start the testing, that is mainly to help us see if there is any kind of learning disability we need to be aware of before school starts, and we need to get our daughter started in counseling, we need help in knowing how to support her, she has been depressed and anxious for too long, and she has a lot of negative thought patterns that really pull her down, she fights us in listening to our advice, we need outside help. With all this said, the interesting part is that the psychologist thinks that the root of our daughter's issues ay be more connected to her GI issues, and that a naturopath may be the best help for her....what she Said makes a lot of sense, and that her GI issues ay be the root of her anxiety throwing off her chemistry, and that we have already exhausted what a pediatrician and prod GI doctor can do to help...I honestly have been wondering the same thing for a long time without comprehending the depth of it.....the doctor explained what may be happening to her medically and that she is willing to help, but she thinks the naturopath may be the bet solution, and that she has a tendency to be accurate in her theories...she thinks why mask the real problem with meds? So, I will be calling the naturopath who specializes in GI today. All prayers appreciated, my little girl needs it:). We are not confident that we can support our daughter anymore without outside help, she doesn't follow our advice and gets confused...she is her own worst enemy.

Ps. 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD."

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ERIKAYAMAN - 1:50PM UTC, Jul 24th 2013

South Carolina

Thanks for the prayer Kris.

I am thankful for this group of ladies!

Lord God,
Keep all of these ladies in your hands, keep reminding all of us of our great need for you, and that you are the giver of peace.


STEPHDREED - 1:50PM UTC, Jul 24th 2013


Good Morning Ladies,

Feeling on my toes today:rock1:

Pretty much just kicked back last night and didn't do anything and went to bed early. I feel so much better today getting up at 5 just messes with me. Planning a trip with two of my girl friends to go visit another one of our friends in Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving. I have a class reunion coming up August 10. I am still wondering if it's a good idea to go. Oh well, we will see.

Twice the work to do this evening but at least I will have the energy and and wonderful weather to do it in today:)

Ecclesiastes 9:10
Common English Bible (CEB)
10 Whatever you are capable of doing, do with all your might because there’s no work, thought, knowledge, or wisdom in the grave,[a] which is where you are headed.

Kris, I know exactly how you feel about the soreness. With all the work I have been doing and exercising I wonder when the day will come when I am in shape enough that I do not get sore.

Erika, I second Kris's request for you to have God's grace to stand up under the pain.

Annette, Wonderful news that the children had a good time. My two have such a hard time making good friends and wonder why they have so much drama.

Have a blessed day!:angel4: