verse for Wednesday

KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 10:30AM UTC, Jun 19th 2013


****Good Wednesday morn sisters

It's here…last day of school. Feels like an ocean wave carrying me through…

One of my fav verses…grace upon grace…like a wave.

John 1:15-17 (John bore witness about him, and cried out, “This was he of whom I said, ‘He who comes after me ranks before me, because he was before me.’”) And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

Lord thank You for your GRACE, thank you for making everything ok, no matter what happens!

Lord, bless and protect…thank You for helping Erika stay away from alcohol…everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial! Thank you for my little printer miracle. I've learned so much from it! (buying Oli an alarm clock. I will no longer be getting him up anymore. That boy has to grow!)

Lord, we place Steph's family in front of you. We ask you to provide healthy work for her husband and we thank you for the self control you grant by your Spirit (Gal 5:22) We want to stand on your word and believe that you will accomplish what you say you will. We want to honour you with the bodies you have given us. Thank you for the relationships you have given us…thank you for our children…even the difficulties.

Father, help us to stay focused on You and your plan for our lives…Lord let us manoeuvre around obstacles and not get caught in everything that wants to throw us off Your path .

wishing everyone a wonderful day…mine will end with a bonfire fuelled by homework! No more lessons…no more books...**************

Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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STEPHDREED - 8:23PM UTC, Jun 19th 2013


Good Afternoon,

Well I guess I need hair laser treatments. The plan that I almost signed up for was 3699 for about 40 treatments and 10 In- clinic treatments which I understand are like a facial for your scalp. Anyways, I was just sick....but I don't want to lose anymore hair. So I talked to my husband and he is like what else can you do? Ulg....Anyways I was praying for guidance on this and I found a Groupon for another place that is about 15 minutes from the house and it is 3 months of treatment for 99.00 and the treatments are usually 998. So I canceled my appointment with the other place. I bought the 99 deal and I have an evaluation at the new place tomorrow at 12. Hopefully it is the same thing. It sounds like it. I can only go on Tues and Thurs and the Groupon runs out in 180 days so if I miss an appointment I just lose it. I am really happy to have blundered in to this and hopefully it isn't a big disappointment.

Prayer sent up just now for my two friends families:love:

Thank you for the prayers and have a blessed day:wave1:

ERIKAYAMAN - 2:32PM UTC, Jun 19th 2013

South Carolina

Kris, prayers have been going up for Oli much....Glad God put that verse on your heart....
I never thought of it like that, I LOVE the analogy....
Grace upon Grace, like an Ocean Wave.
I am so drawn to the ocean, ocean waves are so calming to such a great analogy I will always remember

Prayers for Raymond and for your hubbie. I pray that God will provide him a job that is perfect for him, and in the meantime...I pray that God will give Him peace, and remind him that God is all knowing and God will never let anything happen without his Knowledge, and that He always gives us a way...Its so hard in the midst of lifes struggles to stay calm, to not grow anxious, to not worry----God, keep reminding all of us that you grant GRACE UPON GRACE!!!

God, yes GRACE upon GRACE....keep drawing us to you, Keep reminding us that We are in your arms SAFE and SECURE. OUr JOY is to come from YOU, therefore we can stand up upon your word and Be calm and JOY FILLED no matter what life brings.... Bring that true Joy and GRACE to my new friends and my hearts.We as sinnners and we continue to fall back on our selfish ways, on loosing focus....keep prodding our hearts and minds.