YESSI928 - 9:57PM UTC, Mar 5th 2008

San Jacinto, CA

Hi! I am currently having difficulties trying to balance school, work and eating healthy. Any tips on how to beat the late night cravings?

YESSI928 - 8:27PM UTC, Jun 19th 2008

San Jacinto, CA

Good point... I will try that.

MISSYMAE - 2:02PM UTC, Mar 6th 2008

South Carolina

Hi there :)

Sometimes if I know that I will be up studying late or watching a movie...whatever the case may be, I try to exercise so that I have the extra calories to spend. I find that if I Have to have a sweet treat at night, Quaker mini delights chocolate drizzle (90 calories a pack) can really hit the spot. Other than that, we know that water is a tried and true way to fight hunger. Or even brushing my teeth or chewing gum to get the mint taste seems to sway me from indulging...because come on let's face it, some things just taste horrible after mint.

I'm not sure if that helps :clown1: , but good luck!!