BERNZY88 - 1:08AM UTC, Oct 5th 2007


To anyone looking to join--please do! Eating healthy in college is really hard and I think it'll really help to have constant motivation in this group setting.

A little about myself--my name is Bernadette, I'm a sophomore accounting/marketing major at Villanova (go Wildcats!). I'm really into music, shopping, reading, movies, all that good stuff. I started sophomore year at 165lbs (I'm 5'9) and was down to 157, but then got sidetracked and am back up to about 163. My problem foods are trail mix (I can eat that stuff like it's calorie-free...), peanut butter, chocolate, and bread. I work out a lot--this year I've gotten into running, and while I'm not pulling 30 miles a week, I'm able to run 4 miles or so in one go, and I think that's not bad. My problem is DEFINITELY my eating...

Anyway, please join so we can get started motivating and supporting each other! :)

DANCINRAINBOWS09 - 7:31PM UTC, Dec 19th 2007

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Im Krissy, Im currenty attending Lake Tahoe Community College and Im 16 years old. Im in need of loosing around 100 lbs. I went to a weight loss boarding school for most of my sophmore year in high school and lost close to 40 lbs but have gained about half of it in the last year. My biggest weaknesses are carbs (rice, crackers, etc.) I dont really eat candy, am allergic to dairy and love cool whip =]. I am constantly looking for reasons not to exercise and am trying to overcome that. I love dance though. (I take dance as well as asst. teach it.) Im ready to commit to getting off my butt and loosing weight.

--Smile and Love Life!--
--Defy Gravity!--

MCABRERA - 1:26AM UTC, Nov 8th 2007

Good luck! i was doing really well, then Halloween happened. For some reason taking that one day off led to eating unhealthy and not working out either. I didnt even keep my food diary going. Now, i'm focused again on eating healthy and i want to work out. I had exams and papers due this week so i didnt exercise but i did record my food, and stayed on track. hopefully next week i can manage doing both. i really want to lose another 15 to 20 pounds also, so i just have to keep reminding myself to stay on track and picturing my future success.

BERNZY88 - 5:07PM UTC, Oct 30th 2007


so I'm sorry that I haven't written more...I just got caught up in breaks and schoolwork and all that fun stuff. But I've been doing terrrribly with eating lately, so I'm trying to work back to getting on track. I'm officially getting my butt in gear on November 1, because that's exactly 2 months before I leave for studying abroad (Ireland!!). My goal is 15lbs in 2 months. I'm going to fit time at the gym into my daily schedule and treat it like a class, something I NEED to do. Anyway, wish me luck!!

MCABRERA - 7:40AM UTC, Oct 24th 2007

Hi everyone. I’ve been using calorieking for only about a week now. It’s kind of hard to stay on track with my calories all the time, but I think having the support of others in my situation might help.

I'm currently going to school full time and work about 30hours a week at a credit union. I try to stay active but it's very difficult when I’m sitting at a teller window for over 8hours a day then sit in classes for hours at a time. The fact that I also am addicted to the television doesn’t help my situation. I also a huge sweet tooth: chocolate, cookies, cake.... I love them all. I can usually do well by staying away for these goodies, except when I do indulge I usually cant stop and have way too many. Also, I love going out with my friends (Who are all thin and don’t count calories or worry about exercise) which means no time to exercise and usually ALCOHOL.

I'm 22years old, 5'3, and as of last week 145lbs. my goal is to get down to 125lbs. I carry most of my weight in my lower body (butt, thighs, and I have big calves) so if anyone knows any exercises to help slim those areas, please let me know.

I really hope that by joining this group I’ll be able to stay on track with my calories and exercise goals!!!!

ADRIE1105 - 1:29AM UTC, Oct 13th 2007


My name is Adriana....I am currently attending University of Phoenix, so i guess you can consider me a college student as well. Even though my classes are all online, i still find it difficult to eat healthy. I also work full-time as an Administrative Assistant, which means that i am sitting down for eight hours a day. My problem foods would have to be anything that has CARBS....ITALIAN FOOD IS MY FAVORITE :teeth1:.....I use to work out alot also but after having my daughter i really slacked off, so now i have 50 pounds to loose. So here we go......i am ready to give it my all!!!!!! :teeth1: