2011 Goals: Do you have a trail / route you hope to conquer?!

SCOTTSCHELB - 4:12AM UTC, Jan 26th 2011

Ventura, CA

Now that I have my mountain bike out of moth balls, and I am making some progress on my weight loss goals, I have a mid summer goal. To coincide with the Tour de France, I hope to hit a local mountain trail by mid July 2011. No way I could to it now, but with some progressive training, I think I can do it!


Does anyone else here have any goals for challenging local rides, trails, or races?

HW = 247
CK Starting Weight = 247
CW = 235 as of Jan 14, 2011 (I was as low as 222 in May 2010!)
January Goal: 228
GW = 199

SNUFFLY - 4:56PM UTC, May 18th 2011


I have a goal to be able to commute to work; ten miles, but there are some huge hills I must climb. I hope to be able to do it both ways before September 1.

We'll see!