Bicycling for fitness

LNSGUY54 - 4:18PM UTC, Apr 13th 2008


I am new to Calorie King, but not new to exercise and nutrition. I am a 53 yr old guy living in Rhode Island and am a member of the US Air Force Air National Guard. I joined this website for a few reasons, one of which was to be able to track my nutrtional habits for the next 12 weeks as I am on a quest to lose 22 lbs. My starting weight was 206.8 lbs and my current weight is 205 lbs. My goal is 185 lbs. I am going to venture into cycling in the soon coming weeks. I need to pick out a good solid, yet not too expensive, bicycle so I can begin cycling. I walk 4 miles a day at a pace of 5 mph, but feel that I need to step it up and turn that walking into running, which I am beginning to do gradually. I think cycling will be more beneficial and will allow me a to have a great cardio workout as well as a great work out for my muscles. I own a Bowflex and am currently using it for my strength training, but have used the warm up exercises on the website for my calisthenics routine prior to walking. If anyone has any ideas regarding what type of bicyle to purchase for this routine feel free to respond on this group message board or write me direct at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from a few of you...