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Hey gang!
I thought I'd start a thread for those of us who are biking to work, even if it is just one day a week. I think it is a great way to get in the day's workout, get outside, and save some gas money! Plus, I really want to get in shape again, and I am hopeful that my erstwhile bike rides to the office will help me get some of my groove back.

Reply with your bike-to-work goals, questions (what should I bring?), how far you commute by bike, and any funny or frustrating bike-to-work stories. :wave1:

MFAGER - 5:10PM UTC, Mar 27th 2010

Me and my bud Jake.

Your calories used on your HR monitor seems high. I have a HR monitor and a GPS that also shows cals used. When I ride my bike today will use both and compare cals used just to see what they say--should be fun!

MFAGER - 5:05PM UTC, Mar 27th 2010

Me and my bud Jake.

When bike commuting, I would dress for the ride and bring a change of clothes. Also, have deodarant available at work. Now shower so would wipe off the sweat instead. I worked in a casual office and had no problems with it.

MFAGER - 5:01PM UTC, Mar 27th 2010

Me and my bud Jake.

Hello! Newbie to CalorieKing, but not a newbie to bike commuting. I love it! This past year I bike commuted from late July to late Feb, until I lost my job. Inspite of cold and occasional snow, I only missed about 5 days of biking. My co-workers thought I was nuts (OK, they may be correct. ) :)

I cut my bike commuting teeth in the late '90s while in my last year of college when my car gave up the ghost and so using my bike was my best (and most affordable) option. Was attending CSU in Ft. Collins, Colorado at the time.

I hated riding bikes, but by the time, 3 yrs later, when I could again afford a car, I had fallen in love with bike commuting. During the 3 years, I went from being a full time student to gainfully employed person, and my first job was swing shift, so I learned about riding at night. Then I learned about ridi ng at night on cold winter nights. Mostly my experience taught me that even in inclement weather, biking is an option, most of the time, and I could do it.

Now that I am unemployed I have been riding my bike quite a bit and am hoping to find a job within biking distance. If not, since I am a renter, I can move closer to the job to bike commute, if needed. Bike commuting, I do it because I enjoy it, the health bennies and gas saving are secondary to me. (but ain't they cool!)

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This calorie number does seem high. If you were in your aerobic zone (above 75% of your max heart rate) the whole time it might be close. If you have some stop lights and other interruptions you probably should discount that number by as much as 25%.

LAWNDIVA - 1:34AM UTC, Aug 20th 2009

I am planning to start to bike to work this week, as soon it stops raining. My problem is there is no shower at work. I plan to pack my clothing and am debating on panniers. Fortunately it is down hill to work and uphill on the way back. How is it working for you- with the logistics. Can you recommend inexpensive panniers that would work for a crank forward bike. Cindy

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PS - I wore my heart rate monitor today when I rode in. I was shocked to see it read 913 calories over a one hour bike ride! Anyone else find that they are burning that much? I weigh 173 currently, but that still seems high!