Helloooo? Anybody there?

K8T - 11:52PM UTC, Mar 18th 2011

I just signed up for CK and was so excited to see this group, only to find that there's not any recent activity here. But I'm going to jump in and start and maybe someone will join me? Here goes... I just bought another bike, a Trek comfort bike, and I'm so excited to start commuting to work. The gas prices are outrageous here in N. CA and I'm hoping to save a little money but more importantly use the gas prices as an excuse to get up earlier and ride to work. It's only about 8 miles of rolling hills, across farmland. The comfort bike is the newest addition to the collection because these 52 year old joints just can't stand the jarring over rough country roads anymore. Long term goals are to get better blood sugar control, lose weight, and build the stamina to do a century ride sometime in the next year. It's officially spring this week-end. Anybody else have any new cycling goals?

SNUFFLY - 3:15AM UTC, May 19th 2011


I am here and posting new threads, let's chat.