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MDONNELLY - 6:53PM UTC, Aug 11th 2010

It works!

Looks like maybe this group is languishing . . . .anyone want to talk cycling?

I just started back after many years, and I'm loving it. My goal for August is 200 miles--my "normal" daily ride is about 13, I'm working to increase it to 20.

I just found a local biking group "Ladies on Spokes" I'm thinking of trying--I'm not quite there yet, though, looks like most of their rides are at least 25 miles.

I'm riding a 20 year old Schwinn--just starting to look at new bikes.

What about you? How long have you been riding? How often do you ride? How far? How fast? What type of bike do you have?

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MIGUELBLANCO - 4:12PM UTC, Oct 8th 2010

Richmond, VA

You're not alone.
I'm relatively new to CK, and I bicycle to work (and back, of course) when the weather permits. I started that about three weeks ago as well.

Bought a new Fuji hybrid. Yeah yeah, I know Fuji isn't exactly the world's best brand - but in this bike's case it is fine and dandy.

My one-way ride is 9 miles, but I live in Richmond, Va, so let's just say that 'hilly' is an understatement.

I track my times and speeds daily, but I think there's an iPhone app for that - so I'm going to check that out. I am trying to get to an avg of 17 mph on the way home, and 14.5 on the way to work. (-To work is more uphill than -to home).

By the way, biking to work folds time for me. Typically my ride to work in a car is 17 minutes, and my ride home is 20. If I ride 42 mins in and 35 home, then I got 75 minutes of workout but only spent half that in time because I would have been in the car for 37 mins. I know that's a little hokey, but I am busy as _ _ _ _ and anything I can do to save time while getting fit I will do.

That's all for now new friends.

TRESOHLALA - 8:10PM UTC, Aug 12th 2010 View users public diary


Hi Martha! We might be the only ones left... the Ladies on Spokes ride sounds great -- I say if you're doing 13 now, increasing it to 20 or 25 won't be far off! Just be careful: I've found a lot of these groups can get very hard core, and you want to be sure that you have a buddy looking out for you, if you get a flat tire, crash, or anything...

I JUST got a new bike a few weeks ago, and love it (I think my blog post is below somewhere...) Friends and I go out every Wednesday evening for a good 18 - 25 mile ride, and I usually try to fit in another ride on the weekends. After counting the climbs, etc, we're usually at a 12 MPH pace (I climb at a slow 5 to 6 MPH).

Doing a triathlon in September (which is what got me into cycling in the first place). Bought a used bike right away, to make sure that I liked it. I did, so I bought up, now have to put the "old" bike on Craigs List before the credit card bill is due! LOL

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