My hubby got a bike!

TRESOHLALA - 5:23PM UTC, Aug 30th 2010 View users public diary


Woot! Performance Bikes was having their tent sale -- and we found a brand new 2008 bike in his size, with great components for just about $500, after you take off all the discounts! Super excited to have him start riding with me!

He was able to find a similar deal on his Mountain bike when he got it -- it was about 2 years old, and just "unwanted". Come to think of it, he bought his truck the same way -- 2 years old, but NEW on the lot, and they just wanted to get rid of it!

He's so lucky!

:heart2: Lara

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SNUFFLY - 2:52AM UTC, Jun 2nd 2011


That's wonderful!

I just bought a bike from Performance and I too got a great, great deal. I'm loving riding and it's really helping me get my weight off. The heat is getting tough here in Philly, so it's best to ride early or late. I'm hoping to work up to commuting 11 miles to work each way. But the return trip has a huge hill to climb, so it will take time to get there. You are lucky that your spouse is taking up the bike too, my wife has no interest at all.