New Bike for the Summer

TAILDRAGGER - 1:04AM UTC, Apr 2nd 2010

Asheville, NC

Hey Folks,
Thinking of buying a new bicycle this summer?
(Don't worry, I'm not a bike salesman!)

Me: 61 yoa. Physically fit, non-smoker.
Typical Ride: A daily ride of 12 miles to and from Asheville, NC. Mostly all hills. Sometimes I ride in the mountains on weekends.

Bicycle Brand: SPECIALIZED Model: Roubaix (lightweight Carbon Fiber)

Why Did I Choose the Roubaix?
I love this bicycle! (And my 61yoa back also loves this bicycle!) The Roubaix gives me a far more comfortable ride than any of the other bikes I tested. Its lightweight means I can even accelerate going up small inclines. I sit a little higher than I would on a nice Trek bike, but that also means less stress on my back. I've been riding the Roubaix since August of 2009. I chose comfort over a little extra speed. Overall, if you're thinking of buying a nice bike, don't overlook a test ride on the SPECIALIZED Roubaix! ENJOY THE RIDE!

Other brands considered: Trek, Jamis, Cannondale. (Trek was a close 2nd Place, the Cannondale was a rough ride, the Jamis gear shifter failed within the 1st hour.)

Last Edited: 1:06am UTC, April 2nd 2010