No cycling mojo

FLSPORTSDR - 11:49PM UTC, Jan 7th 2008


I have completely lost my bike mojo. I live in Florida so biking outside year round is a given and its not the weather. I used to LOVE my bike and now I could care less about riding. THe downfall was the half ironman I did in October. I shipped my bike to the race bike store and they put it together wrong. The put the aerobars WAY too flat and basicaly barely attatched the seat which started swiveling around about 20 milesinto the ride. It was pinching my leg and was miserable. It actually fell off when I got to T2. I am actually REALLY fortunate I didn't wreck as there was 3000 feet of climbing in the race and my seat was falling off my bike. Anyway I've had no bike mojo since. I'd rather ride the trainer. I need to find my bike mojo.

"I'm just one stomach flu way from my goal weight" Emily in The Devil Wears Prada