Organized Events

IIGESHII - 4:33PM UTC, Sep 2nd 2008 View users public diary

Mesa, AZ

Anyone considering doing an organized event? Summer is cooling off and there are several organized events all across the country. It's a great way to motivate and give yourself a target to work towards. Most events are charity based and have a variety of mileage options usually ranging from 30 to 100+ miles.

AMBENGTSON - 9:52PM UTC, Dec 5th 2008

I'm looking at doing the 26-mile version of the Tour de Phoenix in April. While that will be my first organized ride, I've done a fair bit of commuting to work by bicycle and by bicycle-on-bus in the past couple of years. I'm thinking that signing up for the event will be a huge motivator for sticking to a training regimen. This is the season for outdoor activity where I live.

I'm no racer, but am rather more in the "utility bicycling" category. I ride for a combination of reasons -- mostly fun, health, and economy, in about that order. But barring unforeseen circumstances I should be perfectly able finish the 26-mile ride in a respectable time. Will wait to decide about century rides after I've done this one.

The same organizers also usually offer much shorter fun rides, just a few miles, in conjunction with their bigger events, which sound like an enjoyable way to get involved, too.

Anybody else doing something similar?