Sad but true indoor days are approaching

KRBRX11 - 6:16PM UTC, Sep 28th 2010 View users public blog View users public diary


Had to ride inside today. It was pouring rain in Pittsburgh. I rode my indoor bike but it's just not the same. Any ideas to make it more interesting?

MIGUELBLANCO - 10:44PM UTC, Oct 11th 2010

Richmond, VA

You're craving the experience - and the byproduct is all of the time on the bike. There's no reasonable substitute for being outside. None.
You could try a fan in your face. (Ha)

Seriously though, there is nothing you can do about the experience.

Now, having said that and in the spirit of being a solver, would having a 'riding partner' be helpful at all? You could see if there are any people in the area that use

I can't imagine that all of the cyclists in PA suddenly pack it in for the winter and hibernate for 4 months. You may want to give that a shot.


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I actually live next to North Park and ride the loop around the lake before work (in the dark). My issue is that time will come when the snow flies and it's just not safe to be out on the road. I have a great indoor set up (cyclops indoor bike with power meter) and use spinnerval tapes. My issue is that mentally even with all the possible distractions (TV, music etc) I can not stay on the bike for more than an hour and a half. As of Oct. 9th I'm riding at least 3 hours both days on the weekends in an effort to burn calories and build my base. I'd like to be able to mimic that indoors. Ideas?

MIGUELBLANCO - 4:16PM UTC, Oct 8th 2010

Richmond, VA

I feel your pain - I used to go to school in Clarion, Pa - and the weather is trash for road riders from about 11/1 to 3/15. You could consider getting a hybrid or full mtn bike and riding out in Conneaut Lake or just up at north park - not sure if there's trails in north park.

If you're feeling especially adventurous, you could head over to Clarion where the rals-to-trails converted mile after mile of beautiful in-woods rail paths into mtn biking heaven. Also, Dubois has some good spots as I recall. It's been years (like 18 years), but the trails weren't going anywhere.

Just a thought.

PLAYMORE - 5:28PM UTC, Oct 1st 2010

New England

Have you tried some of the Spinervals videos? I know, I know, indoor cycling is still rather boring but, I think the videos help a bit.