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southern calif

My husband and I are thinking of getting a tandem.
Has any one of the thread had a good or bad experience with a tandem?

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Tandem cycling is a great way for two riders of different abilities and fitness levels to ride together. I've done it with my kids and wife who don't ride as much as I do. The only caution is that it take some understanding on both parties to form a good team. The stoker (in the back) needs to be willing to give up some control and the captain needs to communicate changes as they occur. I recomend buying a tandem on e-bay to see how you like it and if it works for you then consider a bike more suited for your fit.

HARLEYGAL - 11:30PM UTC, Nov 2nd 2009


Hello Meg! I’m a newbie here, however a real oldie when it comes to cycling (at least I was). I’m a roadie, who used to log some serious miles. When my husband and I were ramping up to long distance cycling (100+ mile rides) I thought it would be fun to have a tandem as another venue to enjoy riding. We were somewhat equal in stamina and ability – so I figured that we would complement each other. So off we went to order our beautiful classic pearl white Santana tandem. The first thing we noticed, is that we needed to coordinate our spin revolution, next we worked on communication – when going over a bump, the captain (person in front) would stop pedaling, go over the bump, and then resume pedaling, leaving the stoker (back person) to have to sit and pedal through the bump (The stoker seat is less forgiving than the captains seat). After some discussion, *!*!, we worked out the logistics of bumps and communication (I threatened to attach the map with straight pins to his back) and we were off. I could stand the pedals up a hill or around a corner to give us the additional power to keep up and we made an impressive team. The second year of owning the bike, it became apparent that when we finished a ride, dear husband was far more exhausted than I. After pushing myself even harder, we can to realize that even though we loved the bike, it was harder on the captain to muscle the bike around than it was for the stoker. I tried to work even harder in the stoker seat, but it was not possible. The third year we had the tandem, we can to the sad conclusion that the bike was not for us. Hubby was tired at the end of a ride, and I still had plenty of pep. We decided that the tandem best suited a team of unequal abilities (captain stronger that the stoker) or a team of the same size so that they could trade off. Sadly we parted with the bike. She was certainly a beauty, and we had lots of fun with her, however, she didn’t fit our needs and abilities for LD riding. Now this is just one couple’s experience, others may have had a much different experience. I would strongly suggest renting a tandem for a couple of weekends prior to investing in one as they are very pricey. Sorry for the long first post. Hope that helps!