new to group and biking

LAWNDIVA - 1:31AM UTC, Aug 20th 2009

Hi, I have just joined Calorieking. and have gotten bitten by the biking bug again after age 50. Bought my first 10 speed with my own money in 8th grade and had it all the way thru college. When the new racer bikes came out I lost the love of bikes due to a spinal fusion that made bending down and holding my neck up very uncomfortable. In college I rode from Boston to Cape Cod in one weekend with a girlfriend on a dare. She promised to by me a lobster dinner. We ended up dumping out our hair dryer and high heels along the way. Somehow she talked me into the fact that we wouldn't need a tent, just brought shower curtains to roll up in case it rained. It did. We were sitting under a large tree drinking a 6 pack and eatting donuts and shouting at each other, when the home owner asked us to spend the night..... almost 30 years later I am looking a riding as the sport of my second half of life. I have just purchased a crank forward bike (combo of recumbent and regular bike that works for my back). The limit is my fear that I will never conquer the hills. I just moved my office to 4 miles away from home and plan to start commuting by bike. Any suggestions to make my dream of being a old lady biker successful? Cindy
PS. I live in the top of NJ it is semi rural. The best part is it is pretty, the worst is that people speed on country roads, and the weather is either very hot or very cold.