Has anyone run any long-distance races as a type-1 diabetic?

KLYOUNG1127 - 3:54PM UTC, Jan 5th 2010


I'm training (trying) for some races this summer, hopefully a 1/2 marathon by June. Just wondering if there are some tips or ideas on what/when to eat/drink. There's not much out there on the net, besides professional runners, who do it all the time, so it doesn't apply that much!


JECOLLIS - 2:30PM UTC, Jan 10th 2010 View users public blog View users public diary

Greensboro NC

I'm not a runner, but I've heard about a group called 'Team Type 1' which are diabetic sports-persons. I know a number of them are olympic level and you might possibly find some more info about them at http://www.teamtype1.org/

There is also the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association DESA. Check them out at http://www.diabetes-exercise.org/

Best wishes with your marathon!