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LENIEGURL - 12:29AM UTC, Jun 25th 2012


Hi my name is NeeNee, I am type 2 diabetic since 2002, my weight along with family is what led to the diabetes, for the vast amount of time I have sort of controlled it but not that well. I have not gotten serious but 4 months ago I really took action. Now I am because I realize that it will get worse, my A.1 cs were 8.2 and the dr warned me I have to get it down and I need to exercise. I joined the YMCA along with Calorie King and I have lost almost 20 pounds. I love my new lifestyle and I am doing great, there are a few times when I really crave sweets and I do have a tiny treat, but I make sure I work out 60 minutes 6 times a day. I have no support at home, my husband is a nice person but he is a major enabler and he has no idea what this is like because he has never had a weight problem or a disease like diabetes. So, I am here to get and give support and hopefully share a suggestion or even a laugh.

DMLA - 3:08PM UTC, Sep 3rd 2012

Hi NEE NEE - great name - I am newly diagnosed and just joined C.K. - I believe it is a great program - sounds like you are on the right track - grads on those lost 20 lbs - can't wait to say the same!!
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