Hello, newbie in PA

LAURA17318 - 5:09PM UTC, Jan 20th 2010


Well, I'm glad I found this group. It doesn't come up on the short list. I figured there had to be one, so I searched.

I was diagnosed with type 2 last July. I tried Weight-watchers online in the summer, but hated it after 2 weeks. I took 4 classes in the fall; but found that knowing a carb serving is between 15-20 carbs and that women need 2-3 per meal (men 3-4) to feel full the most helpful. I had cut my carbs too low and was hungry all the time, which lead to binge eating. I am now trying to do 3 snacks (or less) of 1 carb serving and 3 meals of 2 carb servings (3 to maintain, 2 to loose weight) daily. I've been trying and failing since the fall. I thought keeping a food diary might help, so I checked online for a free food diary. After checking out 2, I realized I needed more help than that. They talked about the CK book in the class, so when I saw that there was a Calorie King program, I decided to check it out.

Some of you I'm sure have managed to get a hold of your diabetes through diet or diet and meds. My goal is tri-fold: 1) loose weight (from 191 to 123) 2) to maintain a proper diet for me 3) get my blood sugars between 95 and 120 REGULARLY (I just got married in June and my husband and I want children).

If anyone has any feedback, suggestions- anything- that will help me with my goal, I'd be GREATLY appreciative.

And, those of you wiser than me, please let me know if my 1 carb serving snack and 2 carb serving meals 3 times a day IS actually a good or suitable eating plan.

Thank you so much and good luck to everyone.

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MARYSZE1 - 7:01PM UTC, Nov 29th 2010

How has your program been going? You said you're in PA? East or West? There is a good support group here in Pittsburgh if you're close...