DANETTEH - 8:13PM UTC, Nov 23rd 2010


I'm pre-diabetic, all my counts that should be high are low and all my counts that should be low are high. I actually feel hopeless! Anyone out there have any words of wisdom? Tricks of the trade? Your greatest insight?


MARYSZE1 - 6:36PM UTC, Nov 29th 2010

"should be high/should be low" -- what #s are you talking about? fasting blood sugar? A1C?

A couple of things I learned in my diabetes class that may help and were counterintuitive to me.
*some* people (not all) have what is called "Dawn syndrome" -- between 3 and 4 am, their livers send out about 400kcal of sugar into the bloodstream. So instead of morning fasting glucose between 80-100, their sugar tends more toward 100-130.

Also, if you exercise before eating (more or less in a fasting state), some people (again, not all) will release glucose from their muscles. One day I was 115 before exercising 30 minutes, and when i checked my glucose 30 minutes later after finishing, it was 169! For diabetics who don't show this phenomenon, exercising before a meal could send them into hypoglycemia (blood sugar less than 70), which is also not good. I have moved to exercising after a meal whenever i can!