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I started out being great keeping track of my blood sugars and the like but now I have trouble keeping track because I guess I just don't want to. Weird I cannot figure out why I want to stay in denial. But if I come here and 'own' my diabetes I can work on be responsible and accountable.

I am Type 2 and I take 1000mg Metformin twice a day. And I really need to lose at least 10% of my weight and work on regular exercise.

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LAURA17318 - 6:49PM UTC, Feb 10th 2010


I was just diagnosed in July 2009 myself. PLEASE don't be in denial. You have it and if you DON'T take care of it, you will not be able to deny it eventually. I knew 4 people that had it (none in my family) when I was diagnosed and NONE of them take care of themselves. 2 have been in the hospital in the last year and 3 now have major problems with legs; feet; eyes and liver.

I don't know you and won't pretend to, but I know LIFE is valuable and as annoying as it is, we MUST do things like check our sugar, exercise, get educated and start learning how the food we eat effects us and find what's good and what's bad.

I want to encourage you to just take it one day at a time. Start with checking your sugar as you're been directed every day. After a week, and logging your food or exercising daily at least 15 minutes.

One thing I do know is it is A LOT of stuff to take in. One thing I've been taught is to do one thing at a time. Add one thing, change one thing, stop one thing. I've found that it keeps me from being overwhelmed, it makes the changes more likely to succeed and it allows my little successes along the way which in turn encourages me to make MORE changes and gives me more hope that I can control or reverse this disease and not let it destroy my body and life.

One day at a time. That's all you have to be concerned about. If you mess up today, tomorrow's a new one.

Good luck.