Is the Truth Out There?

LICHAN - 7:51PM UTC, Nov 5th 2010

Kansas City

Hi all! I'm very new to all and am trying to find my way. CK has been really helpful in teaching me what's actually going down my pie hole. :tongue10: But I'm reading so many conflicting accounts about carbs. The Glycemic Index books all claim to be great for diabetics, but other places have said to just completely stay away from all "bready" carbs, even if they're low GI.

Then I read that you can eat the low GI carbs, as long as you stay within certain parameters (like 30 - 45g carbs) per meal and per snack (15g carbs). This actually makes sense to me, but what's the TRUTH?!

I wasn't given a meter (which is a whole different story) so I'm trying to do this the best I can in the dark.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!

MARYSZE1 - 6:48PM UTC, Nov 29th 2010

Guidelines I was given in my diabetes class were to not worry about glycemic index, use the carb exchange system recommended by ADA/ACE -- each meal plan is different, but mine includes 3 carb exchanges per meal (approx 45g carbs total) plus one 1 carb exchange snack before bed. I've been following (except for Txgiving!) this for the most part for the better part of a month, and my blood glucose (i do have a meter) has improved greatly compared to where I began.

As for meters, surf the web to find meters for free or cheap -- the meters aren't generally what you should be paying much for, it's the test strips where they get you. I ddin't even need a prescription to get my meter.

I would recommend getting a meter -- to cut down on test strips, my diabetes instructor recommended you rotate when you test throughout the week. Always do morning/fasting, then rotate amont 2 hrs after breakfast, before lunch, 2 hrs after lunch, before dinner, 2 hrs after dinner....over time you'll still build a pretty good data set, but you won't be pricking your fingers all the time!!!

Good luck!