New Diabetic - Charting with Calorie King

DMLA - 2:59PM UTC, Sep 3rd 2012

I am newly diagnosed diabetic - does this program cater to the charting needs of diabetics example graph to chart blood sugars, past blood test results. I keep track of this info and would like to be able to have this available in this program - can't find it anywhere?:bigeyes3:

VNEISWONGER - 5:25PM UTC, Sep 3rd 2012

Clarion, PA

WELCOME to CK. This is a great place to keep track of things. On yourr weigh page it has a place to keep track of your blood sugar levels and measurements . And the great thing about this is that its all printable for when you go to see your doctor. You can keep track of what you eat and take that as well so if your blood sugar numbers are where they should be your doctor can lookmat your papers and tell you what might need changed.
I also am diabetic as I believe we all are in this group. I also am in the group 100 pounds + for those of us that need to lose weight. As I said before this is a great online site and its very reasonable in price. I mean where else get you go and get all this for 49 dollars a year. Good Luck I will be looking forward to your posts. If you have ANY questions all you need to do is ask and Im sure someone will have an answer.
Vicki the bookwitch