New and scared

SJGOOD - 3:34PM UTC, Oct 13th 2009


Hi everyone. I just joined CK last night and found these wonderful forums. I am a type 2 diabetic with other health issues. In 2006, I had my 2nd bout with life-threatening pancreatitis and became a diabetic. I've been taking insulin for about 6 months and my blood sugars are out of control. In answer to the pancreatitis question, no I don't drink. It was due to my extremely high triglycerides. My blood sugars are terribly high and so are my lipids. So my doc sent me to this website for support, as well as putting me on a different way of admin. my insulin, by counting carbs. Since I'm just beginning this journey with a new way of measuring foods and counting the carbs instead of using a sliding scale for my insulin, everything scares me about having to choose my food in advance to measuring things out. Another bout with acute pancreatitis could be detrimental to my life. So, I'm just here looking for support. My biggest issues are nighttime eating and portion control, which, I guess will be solved with the new method of insulin delivery. I was wondering if anyone is on a pump and how it has chanced their lives. Thanks for the "shoulder" to lean on. Judy

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PDEZWAAN - 8:46AM UTC, Mar 18th 2010

West Michigan

Hey Judy,
I am new to CK. While it has been awhile since you original post, how are things going now? Has the pump worked for you? I also am insulin dependent; however, I have to shoot up the old fashioned way.:)
I hope to hear how your doing now, some five months later.