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CRAZYZABO - 3:54AM UTC, May 28th 2009

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 about 3 years ago. I was treated with avandia and went on to lose about 22 pounds. Eventually, I did not need oral meds and was maintaining a glycolated hgb at 6.2. Unfortunately, I became casual, gained some weight back and recently my level was 7.0. I am now highly motivated to take off 60 pounds and get to where I need to be. To date the only known complication is some foot neuropathy. I have no signs of diabetic retinopathy.
I look forward to working with everyone in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and exercising as we can. Thanks for having this forum and being forthwright about your journeys.

LPHONG - 11:57PM UTC, Nov 17th 2009


It's really hard to control the diet, the blood sugars, whatever when you are diabetic. I was just diagnosed last February , was placed on Januvia & not too compliant, also. We just have to do what we can. We have to push ourselves hard to take care of our body. I am just starting and having a hard time adjusting what more when you have it for so long. :bang:

We have to help each other to better our life.
We can do it, yes we can; for our heart, kidneys, eyes, etc. . . . .:clap::clap:


TLWATKI09 - 7:29PM UTC, May 31st 2009

I am not new but I often fall off the wagon. I try to watch what I eat but most of the time it goes stright into my mouth. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes about 10 years ago. After my daughter was born I controlled thru diet and exercise. Then about 2 1/2 years later I was in a car accident and with all the trauma my body went thru I was full blown diabetic. I was on several different meds for a while. Then I requested to go back on insulin. I had awesom control when i was doing my "poor man pump". Then I went on pump. I have seemed to lose interest in my health recently. I don't excercise anymore, I don't check my sugar as often as I need too anymore. Now I am worried about how I will get my supplies without my insurance. My husband lost his job and we lose our ins in Nov. I feel that I need to lose a bunch of weight by Nov to get in control of my health.