New to Diabetic Group!

PETLOVERXS4 - 3:19PM UTC, Jan 19th 2010

Good Morning everyone. I have been in and out of CK for a little over a month. I really struggled over the holidays and thought that I could just pick up where I left off. I had a horrible time yesterday. My sister invited me to go to lunch at a local Buffet. Bad Choice! They have a dessert bar with so called "Sugar Free" desserts. I ate way too much and ended up having a reading of over 300 before dinner. I thought I had taken enough insulin to take care of it, but, Guess Not! I've started this morning with a new commitment to myself to track my food, insulin, blood sugars and exercise. I need support from folks just like me. Thank you for any suggestions you might have. (I vow to stay out of the Buffet Lines) JCM:help:

LAURA17318 - 5:17PM UTC, Jan 20th 2010


I am a newbie also, but let me just say "Hi" and that you are not alone. I also have had good intentions and poor execution in the areas of food, exercise and medication. CHOCOLATE is my nightmare food. Or is that paradise food? I guess it depends on of you are my taste buds or the rest of my body. (lol) I made a new goal for myself yesterday. 14 days of logging food and exercising. In 6 months, I haven't gone more than 6 or 7 days straight. I think it's a good goal if I take it one day at a time.

Whatever your goals, I hope you KEEP TRYING! DON'T QUIT!

I'm hoping to find help and encouragement here also.

Good luck to you.