Newly diagnosed

MANYQUILTS - 8:57PM UTC, Apr 19th 2008

I just had my second blood glucose test which confirmed diabetes type II. I know there are lots of you out there who have just found out, as I have; and also those who've successfully managed the disease. I am determined that I'll use this as the kick in the pants I've needed to lose 50 pounds (from 196) and prioritize my life activities differently. I've always had time for work, work, work, and never put my own needs ahead of that. So it's time to do that. Any advice you have is more than welcome.

VIRGINIAB - 4:39PM UTC, May 5th 2008


Re testing: my husband checks each morning and usually comes in 104-111. We vary the meals and times we check, especially dinner.

One thing I do which has been helpful in decision making is to test before and after a meal to see the effect the food consumed had on the blood sugar #.

I calculate the carbs he is eating, what the rise in BG was after 1 hr and then again after 2. Can only do this once in a while...those pin pricks do sting! Also, you can have a meal with the same number of carbs, but some foods cause a higher faster rise in BG than others (gylcemic count). It has reached the point where I can almost mentally figure out what his after meal BG will be (I'm usually 5-10 points within my estimate).

I totally agree that diet and exercise and the resultant weight loss and muscle build-up really do help fight this disease.

Keep up the good fight!

MANYQUILTS - 2:05PM UTC, May 5th 2008

I've been walking 30 minutes a day, and have been very strict about calorie and carb counts. I've lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks, and my blood sugar is testing in the high 80s to about 120. Diet and exercise really do help when it's Type 2 diabetes.

LESTERJ - 10:49PM UTC, May 2nd 2008

New Jersey

Yes, my Diabetes Educator has allowed me to stay at about 170 mg. of carbs a day. I watch it closely, but I rarely keep it under 170. I always go over. Not by too much, but nonetheless, over. About 220 sometimes. But since I have been walking for exerecise, I don't worry to much about that. I figure I need the carbs.
And yes, you are so right. We need to keep abreast of new developements and educated about Diabetes. I agree, "knowledge is power."

Good luck to you also Virginia and to the others in the group.

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VIRGINIAB - 8:59PM UTC, May 2nd 2008


Lester-do you watch your carbs? read nutrition labels? we live in an age where we have so many tools to use in the fight against this disease.

My husband was diagnosed in 2000 and we took charge of our lives, our eating and our lifestyle. We have both lost weight. ( still have more to lose, which is why I joined CK ) Diabetes requires constant vigilance, but it's worth it.

Educating yourself about diabetes is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Use books, use the net, etc. The more you know the better equipped you are to make healthy decisions. Knowledge truely is power!!

For my husband, understanding the way diabetes destroys the eyes, the nerves, the kidneys, etc. gave him the motivation he needed. He'd like to be around to attend his grandchildren's weddings and be in good health (no limping, no blindness, etc.).

Good luck to you and everyone else in the group.

LESTERJ - 5:32PM UTC, Apr 29th 2008

New Jersey

Hello everyone!
I've been pre-diabetes for at least 5 years. On top of it I have celiac disease. And between the two of them you'd think I'd be slim. But I still have quite a bit of weight to lose. I check my blood glucose levels 3 times a day. Once before breakfast, fasting/and then 2hrs. after breakfast. Then again at night.
I'm also on Byetta. Has anyone else been or presently on that. It's an injectable drug. Helps you lose a little weight at the beginning, because it makes you feel nausea. But after you get used to it you're fine. It works well! Brings my blood glucose levels down a whole lot. From a fasting 144 level and then taken 2hrs. after breakfast, it's 87 or 101.
Anyway, I'm glad to join the club, and wanted to introduce myself.