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Hi there, I'm newly diagnosed too! I just found out about a month ago. I'm excited to meet others here online for support and an exchange of ideas. Cheers!

SKMACKEY - 4:53PM UTC, May 23rd 2008

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Hello! I have been diabetic for 4 years and recently got my A1c below 6 (5.8) for the first time! I have not had to take medication and I'm hoping to keep it under control without it. I'm anxious to know anything you have found helpful. Initially after diagnosis I lost 50 pounds which helped greatly, but I wasn't a CK member and just kind of winged it. I gained back 20 and joined Ck, and have learned so much about healthy eating. I'm trying to make this a habit for a lifetime, not a diet as I did at first.

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Hello YARPS it's a pleasure to meet you!!! I have been Type 2 for a few years now. Check out the benefits cinnamon has on diabetes. You can buy cinnamon pills at almost any drug store. Good Luck to ya!!!
- Gil

MANYQUILTS - 3:27PM UTC, Apr 27th 2008

I have started testing glucose once a day, and have taken the carb counting, and 20-30 minutes of walking every day, VERY seriously. So far, I've lowered my glucose levels without any medication, which is my goal. i lost 10.3 pounds in one month (the maximum suggested), so I am pleased. It's the first time in my life I've given priority to MYSELF instead of the demands of my job. At 62, it's about time!

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