Under Contol and Losing Weight

KELOSE - 7:03PM UTC, Mar 2nd 2009

Kelowna, B.C. Canada

I was diagnosed with Type II Sept 2007 and have been taking Metformin for control. Although my blood sugar is under control, by weight is not. I instantly lost 20 pounds by taking the Metformin within 2 months and have maintained that weight. However, I joined Calorie King on the advice of my Diabetic counselor and did lose 5 more pounds, but over the last year it found me again. I have recommited to staying on track 2 weeks ago and have gotten near my start weight on CK. But I need motivation and someone to WATCH over me like a hawk.

Last week was a breakthrough, as I bought a Wii package and intend to get Wii Fit. I have joined the Wii Fitness Challenge for March and commited to 500 minutes, however, as it's so much fun :thumbu2: to do, I may even go over my commitment! Have any of you tried this out for exercise?