VNEISWONGER - 5:19PM UTC, Jul 30th 2012

Clarion, PA

THis is a delecate subject and I have no intention of embarassing anyone .
I am having a problem with an infection under my belly( where the extra flab is). Ive had it since the beginning of summer and it is caused by being "moist" as my dr said. It has been really hot and humid here in Clarion PA and Im not too embarrassed to say that I sweat alot especially in the folds of my skin. And because of this I have gotten some kind of infection that has not been cleared up by prescrition ointment. So now I am going to a wound center to see if they can clear it up.My dr is worried that being diabetic it could cause more problems.
Has anyone else had anything similar to this and if so what did you do for it? I have been using this ointment over the counter called Calmoseptine and it is great for creating a barrior , it works pretty well , For me however I already had this infection and all it does for me is keeps the moisture away from my skin, and that is what is supposed to do.
Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.Vicki the bookwitch

VNEISWONGER - 11:51PM UTC, Aug 4th 2012

Clarion, PA

Hi . I went to the wound care clinic the other day. The doc looked at my belly and said it was a fungal yeast infection and because that area is moist all the time especially in 96 degree weather and humidity. She gave me a zinc based powder to use several times a day and some moisture obsorbing cloth that needs changed every time I put new powder on. It has healed considerably, but like I said this weather does not help any. Today is an especially bad day. Like I said it was 96 degrees and very humid. I felt as if I just stepped out of the shower and am drip drying only not so clean. im hoping this stuff clears up pretty soon. Im tired of the itching and painful burning. Vicki the bookwitch

ANET62 - 3:52PM UTC, Jul 31st 2012

Before I got my diabetes under control, I experienced this frequently. I also got it under my breasts repeatedly. I used an antifungal ointment which did help, however, I think the best solution is to try to keep it as try as possible. This means wiping the moisture several times a day. I aggravated the situation by using powder...big mistake! Just try to keep it clean and dry and it should clear up in a few days. (I will be interested to see what they say at the wound care center so please post!)