150 calorie Boxed Brownie Bites

NMENDICOTT - 1:21PM UTC, Oct 19th 2009

Dallas, TX

So I was in the grocery store over the weekend and purchased a new product from Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker that was for brownie bites which were only 150 per serving. The package came with its own baking tray and only required water. The verdict: NO NO NO. These things are TINY and taste like chocolate chalk. My suggestion: No pudge brownies. They require fat free yogurt which at times is a pain since you have to purchase larger quanitites (I suggest using the leftover yogurt to use in other baking and making sauce for chicken gyros out of it) and they taste better AND are lower in calories.

If you HAVE to have a real hot warm from the oven brownie, DO NOT waste your time with this product. Bake some brownies, eat one and then get them out of your house ASAP.

BADESJARLAIS - 1:46PM UTC, Oct 19th 2009

Dayton, OH

That is the second time in a week I have heard good things about the No Pudge brownies. I will have to pick some up the next time. I'm so glad you said something about the brownie bites. I had looked at those last time and my husband steered me away from them.

Speaking of a NO NO NO product...I bought the 100 calorie Hostess chocolate cupcakes and coffee cake packs a while back. First of all, the cupcakes are teeny, barely have any filling in them, and the chocolate cake is a little dry. Not worth the 100 calories at all. The coffee cake ones are better...more moist and you can definitely taste the crumb topping. They are more worth the 100 calories than the cupcakes, but I was still disappointed at the size. They are VERY mini. :/