NMENDICOTT - 12:23PM UTC, Oct 9th 2009

Dallas, TX

So I just read an email that talked about Baconnaise Light. It is what it sounds like, bacon flavored mayonnaise. It is vegetarian friendly and only 30 calories a serving. If this stuff tastes any good THINK of the possibilities...

sandwhich topping (although I ususally use Turkey bacon, which is decent. I found the secret to making turkey bacon crispy is to fry it in a little butter. It adds a little more calories but not enough that it is worth eating soggy bacon).

Replacement for Dip component - I am always looking for something salty to snack on that is lower in calories, how about using this in your favorite low-cal dip recipe to kick up the flavor a bit!

If anyone has tried this please let me know!:smile1: