Success at Last!

PJB123 - 2:53AM UTC, Aug 8th 2008

I started this group because I have had an absolutely amazing experience over the last three months. My husband is a type 1 diabetic who has averaged about 12.5 on his A1C for nearly all the time I've known him. About 3 months ago, he read Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, which is about the food industry and the role that commerical interests play in many aspects of it. He made the decision to stop eating foods that he did not recognize. He started reading ingredient lists and when he hit an item that he didn't recognize, he put it down. This basically meant that he was eating relatively unprocessed foods. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins.

When I met him, he ate a fair amount of fast food, but since we've been married (over 10 years) I've had a lot of influence on his diet and he'd really cleaned it up quite a bit, but this small decision turned out to be a pretty radical departure for him. It really changed the way he was eating. Most of the white flour and white sugar left his diet. He started eating apples for snacks rather than "baked" chips and that kind of thing.

In about 8 weeks, he lost 20 pounds and his A1C dropped to 8.7! In the last month, he's lost another 10 pounds and is downright slim. I am really anxious to see what his A1C is in his next test because the first one was 1/3 eating junk.

The only slight issue I have with his great success is that the gap between his weight and my weight has closed. I am thrilled about his health benefits, but sure don't want to weigh more than my husband! I've joined him in this healthful way of eating. Everything has gotten better. I am losing weight. My moods have stabilized. I sleep better.

If you care to join us, please let us know. It would be great to have a group of people sharing ideas about how to accomplish this type of diet in a junk food world!

CELADON9 - 9:56PM UTC, Aug 23rd 2008

Hi! Great to see someone referencing one my favorite food 'concepts' although I've not read Mr. Pollan's books. I have 36 years of Type 1 diabetes; and have been in and out of the natural foods industry and lifestyle for MOST of those years.
I now find myself afraid of processed foods, with the notable exception of saltines and chicken noodle soup when sick.
I'm now carring raw almonds in my car (no more chips!) drinking sparkling water with lime (and a Sweet & Low, I'm admittedly hooked on the 'pink stuff') and keeping water packed tuna and Wasa Fiber crackers at the office.
I'm also a HUGE proponent of flax seeds and flax seed oil. The seeds primarily for the fiber, and the oil for my brain, heart and skin!
I'm looking forward to my next A1c to be in the low 6%. My last was 6.4% but that was with a lot of lows. I'm an insulin pump wearer, and working with a wonderful new coach who is helping greatly to fine tune my goals.
hope to hear from you soon!