57 and 50 to loose

ZELDA - 12:52PM UTC, Apr 1st 2008

all of the sudden I noticed ( while shopping for clothes) I .I should not say surprised as I went from a 8 to a 16 . I always stayed far from cameras and we did not have any full lenght mirrows. I have fibro and assorted pains in my back. joining c.k. is for me. I am in week two and I would love to join your group.:)

ZELDA - 6:23PM UTC, Sep 25th 2008

I have been doing this for a while but not loosing. At least I have not g ained. take many medicines and do not get much exercise. I have been trying many different ways to loose, one I can live with. just joined OA.I would like to keep in touch you can reach me at ck or [email protected] I check my email often. susan

CITAS347 - 6:19PM UTC, Sep 9th 2008

hi Zelda, how are you doing right now? i'm 52, work from home, empty nester already, but doing fairly well. however, i need to loose pounds just to stay healthy and enjoy life with my son, with myself, with family and with the world and the universe as this is where we should be for the moment - why not make the best of our time here ... so loosing weight is for me - #1.

just started today. would like to know how you're doing with this program. give me some feedbacks. and i'll give you mine maybe in 2 weeks time when i have indeed lost 2 pounds. kinda slow so i have to make more moves, i guess to loose more weight. we'll see.

let's stay in touch, ok.

LNSGUY54 - 9:31AM UTC, Apr 14th 2008

Hi Susan

Welcome to the group Susan. If you need any support I am available. I am a former teacher myself and have been dieting on and off for a few yrs now. I currently weigh 205 lbs with a goal weight of 185. I know it does not seem to be much, but we all have our struggles. I have found that this website has helped discipline me to keep track of my intake of foods. Let me explain my routine and maybe you will find some of this useful. I strictly follow the daily requirement of calories, which for me is 1976. I get up everyday and do warm up exercises for about 15 minutes and then walk 2 miles at a pace of 5 mph. I also do this walking in the evening. to make it a total of 4 miles walked per day. I drink 8/8 oz glasses of water daily as well as take an antioxidant isotonic blend (OPC Factor) along with a daily dose of a probiotic for intestinal health. I also take a daily dose of Selenium and grape seed extract. I weigh in each week, but in the morning before I weigh in I do what some may think as a little odd, but a nurse friend of mine recommended it and says that this is very good for ones colon health. I take a large enema with an enema bag the morning I do my weigh in and then step on the scale about an hour after I finsih the enema. That is my routine, but everyone has their own approach to their health. The enemas are good and seem to contribute to good colon health along with the probiotic I take everyday. My friend said that enemas are not just for relief of severe constipation, but are good for routine health maintenance. Anyway, thought I would give you my approach to exercise/diet.