Anybody got arthritis in their back?

JSTUECK - 12:57PM UTC, Dec 18th 2007

I was going to the MD (also got told I have bronchitis, via the xray). So I told him about this weird feeling I have in my butt, that seems to go down the back of my legs. I assumed it was yet another form of diabetic neuropathy, and it nmight be, but after the xray, he says i have degenerative discs. Sigh. Help?

2nd try
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ZELDA - 12:25PM UTC, Apr 2nd 2008


I have several deg. disc ,also a pinched nerve as well as fibro. and artritis. Try an get an epidoral from a pain dr. That might help .I go to physical therapy. Water therapy is not hard on your joints.I know exactly how you feel. sorry ther is no magic pils