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ROGERM213 - 6:17PM UTC, Sep 11th 2007


After a week away in sunny Orlando I am checking back in. Hope things are going well for all of you here. I had a great vacation combining the beach, Disney, Seaworld and Discovery Cove. I kinda threw the diet plan and logging out the window for the week but found out I have developed better eating habits over the past 6 months here at CK and gained less then a pound. I am sure I can get rid of that as today I get back to logging and exercise.

Have a great week as summer winds down and my best to all of you.

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MKANDI7856 - 7:52PM UTC, Sep 14th 2007

Chico, CA

We're harvesting our chardonnay grapes (we have two vines of them on our backyard fence) this weekend; we'll crush them and use the juice to make chardonnay grape jelly. It's an annual thing with us; makes great Christmas gifts for friends and family. My hubby and I do the jelly as a team effort. Of course, we do set aside a couple of jars of the jelly just for us. It's pretty danged good stuff, if I do say so myself.

The movies theater in our town doesn't allow outside food or drinks to be brought it, but I'm sure people sneak them in anyway. I wish movies theaters would get wise about offering healthier choices...I'm not asking for a price break, just for the chance to buy a piece of fresh fruit or air-popped or 98% fat free popcorn. Usually, I make sure I've eaten a pretty good meal or snack before I go to the movies so I won't be tempted...of course, I can easily forego the movie theater's popcorn because it always smells burnt (ew!!).

A good quality granola bar (such as Kashi GoLean) would fit nicely in your pocket and give you some good fiber without breaking the calorie bank.

Some dried apricots (I like the Mediterranean-style dried apricots because they are still soft and squishy and taste close to fresh apricots) and an handful of almonds or pistachios are also good options.

A mini box of raisins and whole wheat pretzels are a good combo.

If you crave something sweet and chocolaty, then bring a couple of Ghirardelli Dark 60% Cacao squares or some Dove Dark Chocolate pieces. If you savor them slowly, you can get a lot of satisfaction out of just a few pieces.

Anyway, hope these are helpful suggestions. Enjoy your movies, Joey!


JOEY - 2:44PM UTC, Sep 14th 2007


I have also noticed that I'm enjoying food more lately. Knowing it's not an all you care to eat buffet slows me
down so I enjoy the moment. Before I started CK, I could sit down with a bag of Corn Chips and eat the entire bag. My thoughts were not on the Corn Chips but a millions of other things.

Have a nice weekend everyone. My goal this weekend is to seek out some enjoyable activities. Two movies I want to see. The new Jodi Foster movie and Mr. Woodcock with Bill Bob Thornton. I don't know if my allergy problems will allow me to be outside much, but I would like to start biking again. I should take my own snacks to the movies. Any suggestions ?

MKANDI7856 - 11:35PM UTC, Sep 13th 2007

Chico, CA

Hey, Jessie, there was a really good article in Good Housekeeping Magazine (August issue I think) by Geneen Roth on the subject of learning to really take the time to savor the foods we eat.

Here's the link to that article:

I, too, have been practicing more on eating slowly and paying attention to the taste, texture and fragrance of the foods I am eating. It can be a real challenge when there are distractions around, such as a fidgety toddler (grandson), or you're surrounded by others who are pounding down their food (why do I feel the need to keep up with their pace???). But it's something that's worth working on if it means that I can get more of a sense when I'm comfortably full and satisfied because I have really tasted my food.


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JEDEN - 2:48AM UTC, Sep 13th 2007

Welcome back Roger. I agree with Joey - gaining less than a pound on vacation is amazing!

It is true that eating right can become a habit. That's happened to me, but I find the danger is - eating wrong can become a habit a lot faster. I have to stop and make the right choices, even if I don't count calories or write it down. I have to always be aware of what I am doing. The other day I also realized when I sit down to eat, if I wait about 30 seconds or a minute to start, I eat slower, I enjoy what I am eating and I feel more full - really just common sense I guess

take care

JOEY - 1:11PM UTC, Sep 12th 2007


Gaining less than a pound on vacation is really encouraging. That to me, shows how CK can be a permanent
road to good health. Eating right has become a habit, erasing the old. I think we all would like to get to that point. Congradulations!

MKANDI7856 - 3:19AM UTC, Sep 12th 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Roger! Welcome back! Sounds like you did really well! Good for you! It makes it easier to get back into the swing of things when you don't have to try to take off a bunch of pounds that you put back on while on vacation.