Exercise Suggestions for Sore Hips & Creaky Knees?

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I have noticed in the past several years as both my age and weight have increased that my hips start complaining after even a short walk (5 minutes). As soon as I stop walking for about 10 seconds, the discomfort goes away and I can continue walking a bit more. Also, I have increasingly become aware of my knees as I go up and down stairs. They kind of lock up from time to time.

Hopefully as my weight decreases, the hips and knees will be under less stress and this problem will go away but in the meantime does anyone have suggestions for exercises or activities that are both kind and beneficial to these joints?

Thanks for your help!


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You know my hips were hurting me for years, and eventually my Doctor sent me to a massage therapist and he was able to rebalance me. There are several deep muscles that affect posture and that is what he worked on. Can't remember the names. I have been fine now for 2 years, but I may need a tune up soon. I kinda get the impression that not every massage practitioner could get those results. He was exceptionally skilled.

My right knee hurts me considerably but I went real slow on the treadmill and slowly increased. Eventually my knee just got stronger or gave up and went along with my wishes. <smile>

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Thank you for your suggestions. I do not belong to a gym or pool although in the past I did go to the recreation center pool for water walking. I'm not much of a swimmer but could try my imitation of a crawl to improve my cardiovascular stuff. Basically, I'm just beginning to reintroduce myself to fitness activities. Can you recommend any exercises to strengthen my leg muscles that I can do at home? I saw some on the CK exercise page but I am not sure which ones I should start with.

Thanks for your help!


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SBS1955 - 8:49PM UTC, Jan 11th 2009

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Hi Karen,

I am not a fan of alot of cardio without strength triaining. Do you belong to a gym? Do you have access to a pool. Lap in a pool getting your heart rate up will cover cardio nad work your joints w/o weight. If you are at a gym ask to be shown the machines that give you a workout w/o strssing your joints.

yes, weight loss will improve the burden. however strenghtening the muscles that support the joints will go along way to improving how they feel.

good Luck

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