Getting to know us!

AMADEUS4313 - 3:52PM UTC, Aug 28th 2007


Hi everyone,
I think an introduction thread would be a great way to start our group.
I live in the midwest (US) and am a mother of 4 plus 3 in-law kids, and grandmother to 2. We're a farm family so most of us live within a half mile of each other. We have a craft group and a sugar bush. My DH and I both work off the farm (that wasn't in the plan, but became a necessity).

I've been having a real battle with my weight since I quit smoking at 48. I am now 55 and am having a hard time staying motivated. At this stage of life, I would certainly like to look good, but that isn't my priority the way it was when I was younger.

I would love to have others join so that we can motivate each other.


LNSGUY54 - 12:14AM UTC, Apr 10th 2008

Where in the midwest do you live. I live in RI and am a 53 yr old guy, but I grew up in Illinois around the St. Louis area. I actually grew up in Fairview Hgts, IL. Hope to hear from you soon.

ELIZA - 1:19AM UTC, Feb 26th 2008


I am all over the place in this program. I recognized you, here. You recommended that dvd for seniors but I have not found it yet. I did find the 3 mile walk by Leslie S. at Best Buy today. I will continue looking for the one for seniors. Sounds good.

JOEY - 1:58PM UTC, Sep 6th 2007


Hi Roger

I just turned 50 in June. Turning 50 to me was a bit like new years. Felt motivated to do something good
for myself health wise. Knowing how New Years resolutions have been for me in the past, I put off the
decision to try something new. I started CK last week so my motivation level is high right now. Hoping the
tools on CK and the relationships here in the forum will keep me on track.

I am inspired by your before and after photo. Was that only 30 pounds that got you running? What a
difference that makes.

I live in Missouri so we don't have a lot of hockey here. My two teenage sons are sports fanatics and they've
finally got me addicted to baseball. We're having a great time watching the young players the KC Royals
have developed. We live less than an hour away from the stadium so we get to see a lot of games. Since
the Royals haven't been so great, getting a ticket is not a problem.

MKANDI7856 - 3:45AM UTC, Sep 6th 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Mary! I did have a nice laid-back weekend. We went to see "Ratatouile"--so cute!!! And the animation is so amazing!! I'm glad it's a short week--it's been hectic at work for me, too! We're getting close to the end of our "second" tax season (Oct. 15th), and there's so much to do yet before the deadline. There are always those several clients who hold out until the very last minute, and then before you know it you're up against the wall! It's not as if we don't give them plenty of advance notice of the information we will be needing from them to get the job done.

Not really keeps me employed, don't ya know. Also, I'd rather be too busy than to be sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I'm just grateful that I'm not a stress eater....whew!

My exercise schedule is off whack this week because of unexpected evening appointments this week. I'll make up for it this weekend by getting in some good exercising. I usually do all my exercise during the week days so that I can enjoy the weekend off, but I have a rule that if I can't work out as usual on a weekday, then I will do it on the weekend.

I have three of Leslie Sansone's DVDs that I work out to: I do the 3 mile one on Mondays, the 4 mile one on Wednesdays, and the 5 mile one on Fridays. Then I do yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I do strength training (15 minute sessions) in the mornings before I get ready for work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It's taken a while, but I'm finally seeing some firming up in my arms and my abs.



AMADEUS4313 - 7:55PM UTC, Sep 5th 2007


Hi Gang -
How is everyone doing? I just started back to work and it has been hectic. Not much time to post.
Mary - Michigan

AMADEUS4313 - 1:39PM UTC, Sep 2nd 2007


Omigosh! I got no notification that there had been postings to this thread. It is so nice to see all of you here!

Mary(2) I will sign my posts as Mary in Michigan just to keep things straight. LOL! Congratulations on the coming grandchild. I have to say, Grandmahood is a wonderful time of life. As my husband's cousin said, it's like falling in love again. My 2 little cuties live on the next farm and I go through withdrawal if I don't see them at least every other day.

Today is official weigh in day for me. I lost .6 which is not bad considering the week I had. Tomorrow is my last day of vacation from my school job. This summer went soooooo fast. Right now my house smells really yummy. I have a large batch of Country orange spice candles and a batch of Pumpkin spice soap curing in the spare bedroom. I think I may try combining these scents some time. They smell really good together!!!

Roger - great job on the 10K. I've been a runner on and off most of my life. With school starting I am going to get back into it after being off for a few months. I ran my first race (5K) last April. I was the last runner in, but I had a ball. I was pretty much by myself after the first 30 seconds. (except for some walkers behind me - I left them in the dust.) :D

Donna - I love Leslie Sansone. She is such a sweetie! Good job on the pounds lost!

Bunny- Good for you keeping active. At our age it really is all about health and being able to keep up with our grandkids.

Andrea Enjoy kicking back this weekend!

We don't have any big plans this weekend. We'll probably cook out with the kids tomorrow afternoon. I am a pastoral musician and I have to play for a funeral tomorrow. :( Oh well, such is life. My poor pastor - who was going home for the weekend - will have to come back early so I shouldn't complain.

You all have a wonderful and safe labor day - and I will check in here more often - I promise!

Mary - in Michigan

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MKANDI7856 - 5:26PM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Bunny and Roger! Nice to meet you both!

Bunny, it's nice to see another artist in the group. I've only been doing colored pencil drawing for about 4 or 5 years. I mostly like to draw flowers. But right now I'm taking a self-tutored class that will help to hone my drawing skills. The course is called "Draw What You See" and is put out by a colored pencil artist, Ann Kullberg, who lives in Washington and has published several great books on colored pencil drawing.

Roger, good for you in jumping in here! My hubby and I did Disneyworld and Epcot a year ago, and we had a blast. We were surprised to see how many older couples (sans children) were there. We have made a note to take our grandkids there--maybe for our 15th wedding anniversary. The boys (currently 1, 3 and 5) will be at an age where they can really enjoy it. Congrats on getting your blood sugar under control through diet and exercise! That's a marvelous accomplishment! I not into running, but I do like to do strength training, yoga and cardio walking (to DVDs).

Mary, good luck with your new job! I hope it works out well for you! Sounds like you will be getting in a lot of walking!

We don't have any big plans for the weekend...just want to kick back and do as little as possible.


ROGERM213 - 3:51PM UTC, Aug 31st 2007


Well after lurking abit and adjusting to the fact that yes I turned 50 ten days ago I decided to join you all. I live in Maine with my wife of 27 years and we have 3 grown children the youngest of which we will be dropping off at college on Sunday. On Monday we are heading to Orlando for a week long get away. I may be 50 but the thought of visiting with Mickey and Minnie still makes me feel like a child.

I have been at CK since March. I joined after being given 3 months to control my type 2 diabetes or face medication to do it for me. I am happy to say 6 months after being told I was diabetic I am now under control of my blood sugar and many more things in life.

I took up running in April and have found it to help in both weight loss and stress related issues. I actually completed a 10K race in early August. I never thought I could do it but I did!!

That about sums up me. I look forward to active participation here in the group and wish you all the very best.

"Dream it anyway"

HW 276 11/2006
CW 214.6 8/20/07
GW 175

C25K (Earned GED)

August 4th Beach to Beacon 10K 1:17:36 I DID IT !!!!
Sept 16th Trail to Ale 10K
April 26th, 2008 Country Music Half Marathon, Nashville TN

BUN201 - 11:53AM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

Rhode Island

:hi: everyone. I live in the "ocean state", little Rhode Island. I have 4 grown daughters and 2 son-in-laws, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. I am 63, divorced for 15 years now. I've struggled with my weight all my life but am determined to get down to a healthy weight.

I took an early retirement from a hard nursing career to take care of my 2 grandsons, now 1 year and 4 years old, while my daughter and SIL work. We have fun. It's nice to be young enough and healthy enough to enjoy them! :love: And I want to stay healthy!

I am also a watercolor painter and belong to the R.I. Watercolor Society and volunteer on their hanging committee. I love taking photos for potential paintings. In a couple of weeks I'll be leaving for a week long watercolor workshop on Block Island. I take classes one evening a week which keeps me motivated and active.

I have a 2 gym memberships and I use both. One is a family membership at the "Y" and I can take the boys with me, and another is a gym down the street that I prefer because of the classes and equipment, that I can go to before my day with them starts.

SW 210........GW.....150
"It's a good thing to hope for help from God." Lam. 3:25

CLASSYBLUE - 6:28AM UTC, Aug 31st 2007 View users public diary

Vancouver BC Canada

Well, my retirement is over for now. Back to work and 6 days a week for now. I'm actually doing door-to-door, not really sales but similar. So far, I've about doubled my daily steps so even though the eating thing is hard, I'll probably do okay. There certainly aren't enough hours in the day at the moment. We'll see how it pans out.

MKANDI7856 - 10:13PM UTC, Aug 29th 2007

Chico, CA

Hi there, Donna! Looks like you are doing great on your weight loss! Good for you! Nice to have you here!


MKANDI7856 - 10:11PM UTC, Aug 29th 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Mary(2)!! So nice to meet you. I have never been to Vancouver, but I have been to Vancouver Island. I think we all have been battling weight gain...I don't know why it's so easy now (sigh...) to put on those extra pounds without hardly even trying...well, actually, I've read the reasons why, but it still doesn't seem right! LOL

Good luck on your job search...are you looking for another customer service job or are you trying to get something totally different?

Grand-babies are so much fun! How exciting for you!


ANNIESGIRL39 - 9:59PM UTC, Aug 28th 2007

Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your are a busy lady! Good luck. H

BIGGRAMMA - 9:48PM UTC, Aug 28th 2007

Central California

:wave1: I am Donna from Central California.....I am a retired 67 year old lady....Been a member since Feb. 19th....and have lost 32 pounds so far....I live in a condo...and pretty much stay home...I do walk to a Leslie Sansome DVD for seniors...doing well with that...Have a good day...:)

:hi: from Donna





CLASSYBLUE - 8:31PM UTC, Aug 28th 2007 View users public diary

Vancouver BC Canada

I am another Mary. I turned 60 in February and am divorced with two grown, married daughters. I live in Burnaby which is a suburb or Vancouver, BC, Canada.
I have been fighting with my weight for years. I have lost and regained many pounds over the last several years. Currently, I am near my goal weight but lately have been having trouble getting there.
I recently retired from a customer service job which I was very tired of. I am currently working on getting my house in shape to either rent out or sell. I'll decide which later. At the moment, I'm replacing nearly all the flooring.
I'm also looking for another job, preferably part-time and have several leads.
As for hobbies, there are far too many. My younger daughter is having my first grandchild in December. Unfortunately, she is currently living & working in Cambridge, MA so I won't see much of the baby. I am making a lot of baby things, crocheting, knitting & sewing. I also do genealogy, read, spend a lot of time on the computer, go to Curves, ride my electric-assist bicycle, walk.



MKANDI7856 - 7:00PM UTC, Aug 28th 2007

Chico, CA

I work for a CPA firm as a bookkeeper and QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I love music, especially classical music. I took piano lessons for a couple of years when my son was a little boy and was also taking piano lessons; but then he got interested in guitar. I continued to take piano lessons until my teacher became seriously ill and I had to find another teacher. Then we moved out of the area, and I had to forego piano lessons to cover other necessary expenses.

I keep thinking it would be nice to take up piano again once I retire...there's certainly no time for it now...LOL

It does sound like your hobbies keep you plenty busy! I have seen some beautiful quilts in my time, and I admire the people who take the time to make them. But it's not something that I've ever considered doing myself. I do love to draw, especially flowers, and right now that's my main focus. I'm currently taking a self-tutored drawing course that will (hopefully) hone my drawing skills.

So what kind of exercises do you like to do? I'm not a gym type person myself, so I utilize exercise DVDs a lot at home. My current favs are some Leslie Sansone walking videos, and a couple of Brian Kest's yoga videos. I alternate days of walking with days of yoga. I do strength training in the morning when I first get up--it gets me revved up for my day.


AMADEUS4313 - 5:34PM UTC, Aug 28th 2007


Hi Andrea,
I emailed you back, but it was returned to me.

Glad to have you on board. I work in our local high school during the school
year as an education assisitant. My main job is as music director at our
church. I have way tooooooo many hobbies. I quilt, make old fashioned
soap, potpourri, chocolates, candles, (my daughters, niece, daughter-in-law,
and I run a business and do craft shows and gift baskets. We also have an ebay store. Keeps us all out of trouble - most of the time. LOL!

MKANDI7856 - 4:37PM UTC, Aug 28th 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Mary! I guess I was having a "blond" moment! :$ I sent you a message because I couldn't figure out how to get a response to you on your original post. Then I went back to this Group's "home page" and saw the link "join" group. Duh!:bigeyes3:

Anyway, I guess I should tell the group about me (I already told you in my message). I live in Chico, CA which is in the north end of the Sacramento Valley, about halfway between Sacramento and Redding. Chico is a lovely agricultural and college-town community. My hubby and I don't farm, but we are both actively involved in our ag community. I am a member and Secretary of our local chapter of CWA (California Women for Agriculture) and my hubby is a business consultant for Northern California Farm Credit.

I just turned 61 (had my birthday this month on the 17th). :thumbu2: Between my hubby and me, we have three grown children and three darling little grandsons. My hobbies include colored pencil drawing, cooking, counted cross-stitch, fishing with my hubby (we're very near the Sacramento River and the salmon run is on), camping and hiking, gardening, and exploring new places with my hubby--not necessarily in that order.

My highest weight ever was 150 pounds, and when I hit that, I decided I needed to take action. I now have gotten my weight down to under 125, :clap:which is where I'm going to keep it. I work hard at creating a healthy lifestyle through eating healthier foods and getting plenty of exercise. But it is something that requires constant attention--much like a garden.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you and cultivating a friendship, and to meeting others who join us here!