DORIS - 3:11AM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

It's really odd. I joined the group a couple of days ago, got a couple of messages and sent a couple. Then yesterday I got a note from Donna saying that I was gone from the group. I went in and checked today and had to rejoin. Has anyone else had that happen to them?
Otherwise everything is going great. Today is my daughter's birthday. We went out to dinner
and I managed to behave. Didn't really stick with my diet, just chose smaller portions. I don't think
I'll lose weight quickly, but as long as it goes down, or stays the same, I'm happy.
I would think with the heat out here, I'd melt it off. Yesterday was 109 & today was 106 the last I heard.

MKANDI7856 - 5:05PM UTC, Aug 31st 2007

Chico, CA

Nope, I haven't had that happen to me.

It's really much better to lose slowly. It gives your body a better chance to adjust and keep it from going into starvation mode. Also, there will be less chance of yo-yoing.

It's been hot here, too. We were in Hawaii last week and it was so nice with the milder temperatures and the trade winds. But I'd much rather have heat than cold. I'm so glad we have pretty mild winters here and that they don't usually last that long.