Hello Again--Back Again New Name--Weight The Same

BOOKLOVER - 1:57AM UTC, Dec 16th 2008

'to be happy--one must find one's bliss" Gloria Vanderbilt

Just rejoined and recommitted tonight--I am over 50--much over, have two Granddaughters, a third due in March. I need to get healthy to be ble to keep up with the little darlins. Love the New Format to CK and am really going to try and make it work THIS TIME--Nance:wave1:

SIMKATHY - 5:59PM UTC, Dec 19th 2008 View users public blog View users public diary


Welcome back. We'll support you. I am finding the new site fantastic. I joined in August after trying (and failing) to lose enough weight for a 40th high school reunion. I was relying on exercise alone. Somewhere in my mind I knew that I would someday have to face the calories I was consuming... and here it is in black and white staring me in the face. So just trying to be honest with myself about what I am eating has been a little shocking. But the shock is proving to be worth while as i hit my lowest in several years: 171.0.