Hi! I am new.

CHERYLR - 2:18AM UTC, Dec 20th 2007

Blue Springs, Missouri

I am new and would love to join you. I am 50, work as a nurse and have two children. Neither live at home. I have successfully been losing weight on a weight loss program that is filing bankruptcy and going out of business. I am looking for support and helpful tips that I will no longer be able to get from them. I find that the support from others is something I need to continue on my journey. I have been
overweight since my daughter was born. That means I have had baby fat for 25 years! I have 50 more pounds to lose and would really like a buddy to do this with. Do you have room for one more.

DEELBEE - 11:37PM UTC, Feb 7th 2009

North Dakota

Hi, :hi:
Welcome to the group! I am a nurse who works nights. I have been away from my computer for a few days, so have not been able to check in. I just turned 60 and I fully understand the hip and knee pains issue. I am working on shedding 50 pounds, 30 of which I gained after I started working nights again 2 years ago. What a battle!! :bigeyes3:

There are a lot of different exercises that do not involve walking. Check out etrainer for exercises that will work for you. You can also incorporate some light weights for upper body strengthening. Etrainer can help you with that also. Don't give up on the walking, if you can do 5000 steps a day that would be great. Every little bit helps.

Good luck on your weight loss journey,
Check in often.

NANAMSM11 - 12:23AM UTC, Feb 7th 2009

I too am new, I am 62 and work in an eye doctor's office. I have arthritis on my hips and legs, am still moble, but not as much as I would like. I need knee replacement surgery but am putting it off til I lose some weight. I walk quite a bit at work and on my days off, I am trying to walk some. I am wearing a pedometer, as suggested by my PCP, in this program it tells me to walk 10,000. steps A DAY!:bang: yea right. I will do the best I can. Do u know of any good chair arobics, that would help burn calories?

CHERYLR - 1:28AM UTC, Apr 18th 2008

Blue Springs, Missouri

Welcome Morgan!
You will find everyone very helpful and supportive here. As you read the fourms you will begin to know people. You can go into preferences and tell it what kind of meals you prefer. Convenience or home cooked I think are the choices. THen to see the meal plans you click on meal plans over on the left side of the page on the diary. It is where you enter the food you have eaten. I personally don't use that feature so I don't know that much about it.
One suggestion.... Take advantage of CK University. it starts by introducing you to all the aspects of this site. you will learn how to use it the most fully. Then you start learning about nutrtion and weight loss.
Good luck and good health.


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MORGANCA2008 - 11:59PM UTC, Apr 17th 2008

:wave1: Hi,
I'm morganca2008 and I've just joined calorieking.com about an hour ago. I pray this will help me be successful in my weigh loss. I'm still trying to navigate on the site. do u know how to set the meal planner.


ELIZA - 12:49AM UTC, Feb 26th 2008


I am new but much older than you. Sometimes I think "I am so old, why bother". But then, I think I would be happier even at this age to be healthier and look better! I am young at heart, even though I am 71. I live in TEXAS, with my 2 cats.